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if you miss a class does your consultant get in touch?

If I miss a class without telling my consultant, I get a text within the week saying she hopes we are ok etc and she will see us next week x
We don't get a call, but we do get charged a back fee for not letting them know and booking it as a holiday.


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I think it depends on the consultant and how proactive they are. I take it you are planning on going back to class this week? Might be useful to text her and explain why you didn't feel able to go last week so she knows what is going on. After all if she doesn't know you're struggling then she can't help you.


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My consultant will text/call to see if i am ok, she will say you could have book as a holiday and not lost a weeks fee. Aside from that doubt they are really bothered. My group have over 60 members so she can't know of the top of her head who is missing. She stuggles to remember all our names. I would not worry, go to group, support will help you.
I believe it is only common courtesy to contact the consultant if you are not going to go to group - after all she is providing you with a service - and if you haven't bothered to let her know that you can't attend why should she contact you.

In the case of my consultant she runs 6 groups in a week, and she cannot contact each and everyone of us,so she asks that we contact her if we are struggling or have any issues etc.

Also unless you tell her you are having problems she is not going to know and therefore be unable to help you.

I would say that you should contact her and apologise for not attending last week and explain that you are struggling and what you are struggling with etc. She will then be in a position to help you.


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