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If you shake the shakes.....

I'm not like all you posh ******* with blenders he he, and I shake my shakes in a Tupperware shaker... Not the proper LT one as I can't afford one and don't like how big they are. But I was getting a bit sick of lumps... Especially in the vanilla one they make me gag ughh. So I had a brainwave... (well my mum did but I'm gonna take the credit for it lol) and used the ball out of a Jamie Oliver salad dressing shaker. It's just a heavy ball that's about the size of a cherry tomato and if I put it in with the shake... NO LUMPS!!! not one! And it mixes them perfect and makes them so much nicer. Sometimes I think they can taste a bit powdery but with the ball it's so delicious. Maybe you could find a ball similar that helps mix them up a bit??? Just thought I'd share the revelation :)
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The *** was bug....gers just on case u thought it was something really offensive ha ha


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Well done on your find. Everyone has their own way of mixing these things, but some people have to be more inventive.


Sensibly losing :)
Thats a great tip for when I am out and about - thank you! The lumps make me heave and I have to use a blender 3 times a day and I am now totally sick of washing it up! LOL! I know shaking doesnt remove lumps as have tried so will give this a go!

Donna xx
If you have a Sports Direct or a sports shop nip in I got a bottle which is a shaker and it cost me £1.50 and when you shake there are no lumps and handy to carry round with you !

Cham Pers

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Oooowa im gonna get one of those thanks rooncat x


Sensibly losing :)
OOh me too! Our pharmacy have not shakers anyway plus they are about £6 eeeek!!! LOL! £1.50, I will buy 3 so i dont have to keep washing it up every 5 minutes PMSL! (thats not even a joke!) xxx thanks for the tip! x

Thornhill Cate

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I'm also sick of washing up my blender. It must take all of 30 seconds. How lazy are we????!!! I'm off to Sports Direct at the weekend.


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Just make sure you get the one with the insert piece that goes on before you put the lid on as thats the thing that gets the lumps out :) (I cant think of the actual name for it but its like a grid lol)
But does that mix up the lumps or just remove them?? That's what I was wandering.
Make sure you add the liquid first then the powder... If you do it the other way round for sure you will have lumps xx
Amanda105... great tip! I always add the powder first then the water! DOH!! I bought the Lipotrim shaker, the 'grid' defo removes the lumps... its Euro 10.95 in Ireland about 9 pounds... def a rip off here... plus one weeks sachets here is Euro 67.50 which is about 59 pounds and the fiboclear is 10.95 about 9 pounds.... so reckon its much cheaper in the UK.... shame we can't get the products at your pricing!

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