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If you were meant to be big..you'll stay that way

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Had my Mums boyfriends mum over today. She quite an old lady...and really quite rude so I wasn'tlooking forward to it anyway.
They're going for fish and chips and when I said I wasn't coming she started cross examining me. Now that I've lost some weight, I'm not too fussed about explaining Exante to people. To which she snorted and said 'Well, you'll put all the weight back on. You make my words.'
When I explained that you wouldn't if I didn't just go back to the way I ate before (ie, fish and chips like her. She's bigger than I am) it wouldn't be the case she turned round and said ' You're a big girl. And you're going to stay that way. It's just they way things are' I honestly thought I was going to cry.

That was about two hours ago and they've long gone. And do you know what?? Screww her!! I'm even more detirmined now!! How DARE she just decide my fate for me. I barely know her :mad:

ANYWAY! Rant over!
I really do love this place sometimes!

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A lot of old people will say that and they will think that is true. Some people still believe that certain people are born to be fat etc...it's not true. You see more of this kind of talk from older generations.
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don't fret, it's just her opinion, I've always taken the approach that if I want someones opinion I'll beat it outta them :copon:

And you are doing well and screw everyone else, shortly you will be fabulous daaaarling x
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Yep I've heard this said to me too by my dad. He said I was born fat and I wil die fat :(
Roll on 1st oct so I can start this and prove him wrong :)
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group hugggggg....sometimes people are just plain nasty (and some of my family are compulsively honest LOL not fun) BUT we are all here to change things for ourselves and to be healthier and happier in the future. Thats something to be proud of, and irishlass I'm really sorry your dad said that, its simply not true xx


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Oh my god and they say young people are rude !!!! Youre dead right screw her . Dust yourself off and show the oul boot . Of course you can do it. The very best of luck x x x
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Classic case of misery liking company. She's obviously decided long ago that she's going to be fat forever and there's nothing she can do about it; having others decide that they don't want to be fat forever and making efforts to lose weight sabotages her justification to herself for why she's overweight, so she lashes out rather than encouraging.

The people who are often most critical of your desire to change yourself are the people who use your unhappiness to make them feel better about themselves. Screw 'em!


Been liberated by Exante!
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If you were meant to be big..you'll stay that way


I don't do or be anything that someone else wants, I do what I want and what is best for me.
I do not want to be big ever again; I have no intention of being big ever again; I will not be big ever again; - so go away you doubters and deal with your own baggage not mine.
WOW - that feels better. Comments can be so off putting.

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Oh how dare she! She's obviously not happy with her own life and the fact that she didn't do something about her own weight when she was younger and is clearly mirroring her dissatisfaction onto you, people that try to bring others down always have issues themselves that they haven't dealt with. And those fish and chips won't taste half as good as your going to feel for rising above her comments xx
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I agree! ignore her. only you can decide who and what you are going to be. i was born 3lb 4oz so by rights should be dinky my whole life. clearly something went wrong.
im going to be slimmer and im going to do it before the year ends so i can enjoy my life instead of sailing through wishing i was thin xxx
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If there was a case of resentment then this is it! She has given up any hope of losing her own weight and is taking her overweight issues out on you.
You show her that you are made of better stuff and that you can do this.

Rant away hun we're here for you. Fire up that determination.

Ali xx

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