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if you werent on SW - what could you eat right now?!!

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Great thread! Mine is a deep deep dominos pizza covered in cheese and when that had gone down, i would have a cup of tea with a dairy milk :)
S: 14st13lb C: 12st7.0lb G: 12st9.0lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st6lb(16.27%)
An Ulster Fry... lmao... we calculated the syn value at group the other week and it was over 90 sys!! For one meal... but soooooo worth it. But I am strong and will NOT go down the road to an amazing mouthwatering ulster fry!!

What's an Ulster fry?
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Im craving a spicy chicken pizza from the indians! 100+syns!! or a pizzahut/dominos! I bloody want everything lol chips cheese kebab :( boohoooo but Im so glad to be finally slimming down so who needs that stuff :D thats what made us this way anyway so nothing like that for me x


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Cheesy bites pizza with tons of mayo, or sweet and sour chicken with fried rice and prawn crackers, followed by hot chocolate fudge cake.....a whole one :eek:


Watch this space...
tallsarah said:
What's an Ulster fry?
I wondered that!

I'd have dominoes, krispy kremes, cake, garlic bread, bread in general and a load of other crap probably!!!

I'd feel crap afterwards so I'm glad I am on SW!!! :)

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A massive box of Thorntons or the best cupcakes with about 3 inches of butter iceing and edible glitter lol! Mmmmm luckily I'm well and truely on the wagon!


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Thick sliced toasted white bread with lots of real butter...... and in this fantasy I havent eaten this sort of food in over a year so I'm as slim as a pin on a carribean island in a bikini. Its presented to me on a silver platter by Brad Pit, who as an afterthought informs me Ive won the rollover lottery. Of course I tell Brad to pass the cheque to Ang to give to a childrens charity as I have no need of it due to the enormous payment I have just received on completion of a victorias Secret modelling contract I shot in Barbados. Tee Hee:8855:
S bar of snicker .. A bar of wholenut.... Tesco's millions choclate cheesecake ... N some lindor chocolates lol as I love choclates..... Four weeks on cambridge diet so noooo food... Been reading alot about sw but have never tried it!! Don't understand what sync mean mite join in decmbrr

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I'd have the crisps sandwich I just ate on White bread!! Had a really bad day at work and thought it would help but as you all know it didn't now I hate myself even more!
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So its Sunday morning & today I'd have:-

bacon grilled (yep always did even pre SW)
proper fried eggs
2 slices of toast (large 800grm bread)
proper fried mushrooms
full fat sausages grilled

But instead I'll have the above but SW friendly, hey this SW thing isn't all that bad:D
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My ice cream man does vanilla and mint whippy ice cream, covered in sauce and marshmallows and a chocolate flake. Me n my friend worked it out at about 27 syns :-0
I'd have one of them!!
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Hi tallsarah

Well an Ulster fry (or a heart attack on a plate, as my nana used to call it) is made up of Fried: Soda Bread, Potato Bread, Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms, Black & White Pudding, Pancake and fried Tomato.... pure lush... getting all mouth watering now!

But no badness has crossed these lips in two months... and I am not starting now!

OMG thats alot of syns, not sure I could cope with all of that, I actually prefer the SW cooked brekkie
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Not sure this thread is a good idea lol.

Morrsons cheese onion batch with bacon and tomatoes. Omg I could eat all four!

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