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i would of thought so but it would be like starting all over again imho, i wouldn't like to try.


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Yes you do blow it to a certain extent. I suppose it matters how yur body is. Last time on LT i didn't cheat i took a planned day off for my little boys birthday. Of course i came out of ketosis but it only took me a couple of days to get back there. I am not recommending anyone do this but just sharing my experience. hth
I dont think you would blow it , as long as you mentally prepare for getting back on track . I ate christmas day and boxing day ( without a proper re feed ) and I put on 3 lb that week but lost 9 lb the following week ... so still an average of 3lb per week over those 2 weeks .. so it would not ruin all the hard work you have put in ..... I have heard it said that every meal you have will set you back 4 days ..... its not the best idea but its not the end of the world


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i slipped up last sunday and went fully out of ketosis but i finished the day as i meant to go on, had my shake and continued to do so and im back in now. its all about where your heads at tbh. and of course its harder to get back into it, once youve eaten its hard to go back to tfr, theres a reason were here in the first place.x