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I recently got the chance to review some IGIGI clothes - see my review below which I have just posted on my blog...


A little while ago I was contacted by a lovely lady from IGIGI who wanted know if I was interested in doing a garment review for them. Well of course I was! Any plus size woman here in the UK would love to try out and wear some of their gorgeous plus size clothes, which are far superior to anything we can get over here in the UK. Lushious flowing gowns, sexy black lace and vibrant colours are available en-masse at IGIGI!

Upon trying on the Fantasy Wrap Top my boyfriend proceeded to tell me that he really loved the top on me because it made me look a like Ninja! Well there you have it - if you are aiming for a sexy and mysterious look I would most recomend the Fantasy Wrap Top - men are guranteed to believe that you are some kind of secret agent... On a more serious note - this top is gorgeous - the lace is comfortable and soft. The camisole top that comes with it is not attached so you can wear it with other clothes too! Often wrap tops confuse me - I spend ages in front of the mirror trying to make them work and that is certainly not the case with this top - it is idiot friendly. The Fantasy Wrap Top is excellent for comfort and sexiness - definitely something to consider for any upcoming Christmas parties and any evening event! Could be dressed down with a pair of jeans too.

The Michelle Godet Skirt is equally as beautiful and versitile! It looks great with knee high boots and you can create a stylish shabby chic look by wearing it with flared jeans. My inner goth also loved skirt as it has a light mesh top layer that lets is gently flare out. This skirt is also available in other colours and most recently in red - which looks great! That said I think what I love most about the black version of this skirt is that it can be used to create so many different looks and is at the same time incredibly figure flattering.

I would throughly recommend to anyone in the UK seeking a special outfit to use IGIGI - it has some of the most glamourous plus size clothes I have ever seen and sells the kind of stuff that will make you feel like a fairytale goddess. And their prices are great - speaking of which - I can save you some money! Click on the little icon below to see how - save yourself 10%. Checkout their Sale Rack!

OOOoooooo ! So many nice black dresses, my favs ! :) The fantasy wrap top looks lovely too. So many clothes, so little money !:(