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IGIOTTHIS!!! from 20 to 10

heya guys!!! today is day 3 of this wonderful jounery that i am on. Moving back to a fit and healthy me. 2010 was a very hard year for me with some very serious health issues... nonetheless i am still here and very happy to be soo. Recovery has been taking much longer than i thought it would. I guess i had to accept that i wasnt 28 but 38 and i should couldnt just run out of my hospital bed and back to work ..like an idiot..lol!!! anyway i have done a lot of work along the way and given up a lot of thing that were not helping me get back to my best..
1. coffee - quit :happy096:
2. ciggs - quit :happy096:
3. toxic relationships - quit :happy096:
4 . stressful job - quit :happy096:

so now that leaves me with this year challenges ....

5. kick sugar - in progress
6. lose this weight - in progress

from my experience with my other success ...i know that getting your mind in the right pace is vital and also for me having people who i can have as support around me.

So many of you are such inspirations for me and it seems for everyone else on the pages...

i know that people always say that but thank you for being brave enough to put your self out there when it was hardest to do so. thank you so much!!

i am commited to this. Thank you to all of you for your encouragement so far!!!

XXXX igotthis
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Ooh I shall be following your diary! You have made some major accomplishments already which must tell you that you CAN do this!

You, too, are one of those that are helping others by sharing your journey, so thank you to YOU!
oh summer flattery will get u everywhere!!! LOL!!! thank you for your words of encouragment...look my view is this is not about tryin to do it or whether we can or can not...we are doing it...right now at this moment we are doing it. we are taking the steps that are necessary to ensure that we get there reach that goal...there will be stumbles along the way and valleys and mountains..but as long as we keep doing it i am sure we will get there. One day soon it will be July, August or December 2011 and we will be writing ...The time has gone soo quickly and wow what a change ...my life is different i feel so great..i look fab...let just keep at it..bluild on the success and learn from the failures.

I find that thought that reality so so so exciting..
You go girl, what a positive start! Sounds like you're really in the zone for sorting out your last few pieces of the puzzle. Keep with it, we'll be following all the way.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! had written out a fab entry for today but it somehow has vanished....sigh any way here we go again...day 3
+'s havent eating and real food
have been drinking more water
am not tempted to at real food
-i didnt stick to the 600 calorie limit... i had 3 extra bars

so that was day 3

i want to know is there anything else that i can have during the day to help me with this...

okay day 4 has gone pretty well...i have had my food for today and already had 2 a bit of water ...

is there anything else that i can have as well that wont cause problems...
3 extra bars isnt good. The bars have more carbs in them than the shakes so it really isnt recommended to have more than one a day. If you have to have something you would be better off having some chicken or tuna or the like which will at least not affect your ketosis.
hey Jo,

Thanks for the advice...i thought it was all the same but it is only day 4 so i am still learning. would it be better to just stick to the shakes and soups ...???
On Total solution (TS) its 3 packs a day or 2 packs and a bar. Like Joanne explained the bars are higher carb so will affect your ketosis if you have more then one :(

Exante do other plans where you can add a meal AS WELL as your packs, working and simple solution. There is more info on the website.
Solutions | Meal Replacement Solutions | Exante

Hope this helps :)
thanks!!! for that advice... like i said at the begining there will be valleys along the way...i am happy to be getting this out of the way at this early stage.
thank you guys for all your advice and your support. These 1st days are going to be hard but who said it was going to be easy...
what is this boullion thing about?
heya guys...sorry for the break i had a hectic weekend with my daughter but i have so now where are we. Okay i am in the zone fro sure now. i was having a issue with sticking to the TS program but as i thought that was just teething problems...thanks to your sdupport and advice ( the marigold really helped) i am doing fine and feeling full of energy....

i have to dash but i just wanted everyone to know that i am still here and again thank you so much for your support and advice... i am sooooooooooooooo happy and excite about this jounery...