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ill and not sure if I should continue to diet this week


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Hi All

Looking for some advice please.

Im really not well at the moment. It started with tonsillitis on Thursday and has turned into a bad head cold. :sick:Had to come home from work yesterday lunch time. Went to bed at 1pm and never woke up will 11am this morning. Not felt this ill in years.

Not sure if I should start eating food again to aid the recovery or just stick to the diet? Any ideas.

Not keen to go to the doctors :ambulance: as they will only tell me to take paracetamol and tell me they have seen hundreds of cases this week and look at me like am an idiot.
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So sorry you're feeling so rotten Deedee.... If I were you though, I would just continue on your diet as at least you can lie in bed and conserve your energy. If it's tonsillitis you should see the doc though as some antibiotics will clear it up much quicker....

Get well soon. xx


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Yeah, in my personal opinion your are probably getting more nutrients and vitamins from the shakes than you would from eating something so they might be a blessing in disguise.

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What ^^ they both said.

Quite often when you're ill you don't feel like eating properly anyway, and if you're anything like me you certainly don't feel like cooking. Which means if you do eat it'll most likely be processed, easy junk. Better to stick to your packs which also take very little effort and at least continue to deliver your RDAs.

Some illnesses require extras, like needing more protein and calcium if you have a broken bone, but for an infection it shouldn't make much difference. In fact abstinence is even recommended in some circumstances, remember the old adage "feed a cold, starve a fever"?
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I was once told once to ease up on food during a cold because the energy used for digestion (which is one of the most energy intensive bodily processes going) can detract from fighting the infection. Could be complete cobblers, but given that I often end up on a bread and soup-fest (both easily digestible) with colds, there may be something in it.

Have an add a meal week, if you feel the need, but I wouldn't junk the diet completely.


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If you have tonsillitis go and get some penicillin! You'll get better then even if you stick to the total solution x

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