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I'll be so gutted

I hear ya! I have my WI at 7 too - I was such a wombat and had a big lunch. All super healthy, fish, beetroot and cucumber, but I feel really heavy now. :(


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If you haven't done it this week, you will do it next week. A week won't make much difference in the long run - this is a journey for the rest of your life and an extra week won't hurt.
You have done so well so far, don't focus on what you haven't done or achieved this week, focus on what you have achieved.
Good luck! xxx
You have done so well so far you should be celebrating what you have achieved. If you put too much emphasis on setting large weight loss goals then you will be likely to slide off the wagon. Good luck tonite at weigh and like others have said if you don't get where you want tonite there is still next week and the week after...


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Thanks folks....but the reason this week has taken on so much significance for me is that this is my consultant's final week so I'd like to get my award for her. I'm also in the running for slimmer of the month for the first time since I joined SW which I;d really like to get today as well.
I never normally give myself a target even weekly as I never manage to do it...it's like my body sabotages me even if *I've* been good!
I'm just so scared right now...it's out of all proportion
Aaaaah I see. Will keep everything crossed for you, even my eyes! ;)

GOOD LUCK for tonight!!!


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Well done on the 1.5 off. that's great. Sorry you didn't get your award but I'm sure you'll get it next week.

I've found that lately, despite having been 100% my weight losses are so random and all over the place, even though I was sticking to plan, that I have to look at the weight loss over a month, otherwise I get really dishertened. There was no reason to lose 1/2lb because I'd been 100% and was really disappointed, but then I lose 5.5lb the following week, again for no apparent reason because I'd done nothing different to the previous week. I'm losing around 7lbs a month which tbh is a healthy weight loss.. so I've stopped focussing on the weekly loss to save myself getting upset.

Anyway.. I rambled there didn't I lol... good luck for your award next week!
Congrats Jes! :D (now uncrossing eyes, phew!)

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