Ill today


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I was surprised to wake up with sickness and diarrhoea during the night. As my husband said, well it can't have been something I'd eaten as I'm SS. Had been swimming on Sunday, maye it was from there and then there's my drink bottle at work which is on permanent refill. Whatever it was, I'm off work today and probably tomorrow as my tummy hurts.
However it is having its benefits as all I want is liquid so the shakes are fab and I've lost an extra pound (appreciate this may be temporary when back on my feet).
I am having a problem with water volume and have only managed a litre so far, don't want to strain tummy but worry about dehydration too. Will keep trying to drink...
there is a sickness and diarrhoea bug going about here, and Im on the Wilts border- could it be that /
I've had it too and while on SS, makes you really ill, and hungry too ! :(
Hope you feel better soon!
I had a sickness bug a few months back and I was going to pass out. We wre out on a family day out at the time and I don't remember hubby taking me home :eek:

I do remember at the time thinking that the diet had mademe ill but within 4 hours of actually being sick I was back to normal. If I had been on conventional food it would have taken me a lot longer to get over it but as I am getting all the vits and minerals I need then I must have been in a better position to actually fight it off :)
Thanks all.
I'm feeling sooo much better today, infact, fended off today's desire to buy chocs from shop to help me get better.
Water intake has improved, I've had 2 litres of water and no nausea.
Downside, I'll be returning back to work tomorrow. Ho hum, only for a couple of days and then it's the weekend!