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illness and medication


Not sure if anyone can help just abit curious about this, I am suffering from pericoronitis (inflammation of my wisdom tooth and gum, which has made my face swell :()

I have not eaten very much this past few days, but tried to have my hea's and b's as I cant open my mouth properly.

I have also been taking penicilin and pain killers, do you think this will have an impact on my weightloss (if any) this week, does medicine play a role in weightloss.

If I haven't lost no matter, but does anyone know if it can hinder any loss.

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I had tonsilitus last week and was given penicilin. I too couldn't eat for 5 days and i lost 8.5lbs that week, however the following week i did put on 1.5lbs. My consultant told me to expect a grain the following week as i would be eating again.


I will do this!!!
it probably/definatly will effect your weight loss especially if your not eating so i would just reside yourself to the fact that your next 2 weigh ins will be false and carry on after that. (Well thats what im doing!!!) :)


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If you're not eating properly it probably will effect your weight loss but, while you're off-colour, the best thing is to just accept whatever happens and not worry about it. At times like this there's precious little you can consciously do to change things.

Really hope you feel better soon xx


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I agree with the others - if you're not eating you're loss this week will be affected. All you can do if what you are doing - eat what you can and make sure you drink loads of water etc.

How about soup? Maybe you could make up a batch of soup packed full of SS and S foods too and drink that?

Just plan to cpmpensate next week for any gain if you get a huge loss but personally, I wouldn't worry too much. You're not well and it's awful to have wisdom toothy problems. So take care, keep self hydrated at least and hope you feel well soon xxx
Depends what pain killers you are on
I am on HIGH doses of ibuprofen and that does cause fluid retention
I am also on paracetamol and codeine (again a high codeine dose) and that causes constipation
so the answer is it can do but the affects are limited to the time you are on the meds


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you could try and drink complan or slim fast to get your vits. when I didn't eat for a bit I sts then gained, think my body shut me out and had a cob on! also heard that antibiotics have given others a temp gain.

like others have said. go with the flow and get back on track asap.
I am a dental nurse, and sympathise with you, it is painful! hope you feel better soon, big hugs.


Thanks everyone for your replies, have been on ibubrofen and co codomol and since saturday pencilin, so will just take whats coming and see what happens for the next couple of weeks.

I'm definitely havent been going to the loo as much these past few days, pain is starting to clear but still hurts to swallow.

I was going to take a holiday from class tonight, but think I will just go so I keep on track :eek:


a new way of living!
good for you, if you do show a loss, you may decide to be extra careful as you'll want to keep the extra weight lost off, if you sts or gain you will know its only temp becasue of the drugs, so either way you cant lose!

hope you feel better soon.


Went to class and lost a 1lb, i'm happy with that. It was a taster evening, but didn't eat anything I just could not face it, but at least I went :D

Thanks everyone xx

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