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im a bit aprehensive


going to do it!!!!
hi all,
ive been trying ti do cd and manage to stick with it fir a week and then blow it and gain and i was reading about this diet and thought it would suit me down to the ground so i sent for the book and i have read it but cant quite believe it can work!! it sounds too good to be true.
im going to start tomorrow but dont know whether to have up or dd??
do i start on a up or dd?
what is the averoge weekly weigh in?
would it be possible to lose 1 and half stone by xmas on this?
any replies would be much appreciated.
ps any tips for up days any foods that are not allowed, can i have alcohol on an up day? x
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different people are losing different amounts
I am losing an average of 2lb a week - for me this is a fast loss

I started on a dd as I wanted to 'start' the plan

but work out what days will suit you in the coming weeks and work out a schedule that is good for you

just remember that an up day is NOT a binge day - it is a day to eat what you want from the menu until you are satisfied NOT stuffed
Yes the plan does work, you just need to make sure you stick to your down days religiously, and like Aaleighs said the up days aren't 'eat everything in sight' days, just normal eating days, make sure you eat what you fancy but in moderation. ie one piece of cake, not the whole thing lol! No foods are restricted, even on down days you can eat what you want as long as you stay under the cal limit. Obviously healthy, low cal, low fat foods are always best for us that are trying to lose weight, but this plan works by not restricting anything so we don't become bored! If you want alcohol or that bit of chocolate on an up day, then go ahead.

I started on an up day as came straight off slimfast where I was on no more than 1300 cals, so didn't really want to go straight into a down day after that.

Good luck and let us know how you get on x
Yes the plan does work, I lost 7lbs my first week. A stone and a half sounds ok if you stick to it. Sounds as if it will be good diet for you, as like me, I did CD. If you can get through the first days on cambridge you can easily do DDs.


going to do it!!!!
thanks guys going start tomorrow.
im going join ww just so i got somewhere to go and get weighed and i may stick to my own version of ww on up days.
your weight losses are really good on this diet hope mine are.
ive tried every diet known to man and beast and did really well on ll losing nearly 4 stone but put 2 stone back on and just cant shift it hopefully this is the diet for me:D
will keep you all informed of how i do . i feel quite excited about it .
Yes I diary is a must as we're a right nosey lot lol!


going to do it!!!!
thanks everyone,
well i was all set to join ww tonight and start uddd today on an up day but have woke this am feeling awful sore throat , bad chest and high temp so bang goes ww tonight:cry:
BUT i am going to start and weighed in this am at 13st 3lb:( and im having an up day ( nothing puts me off my food lol) so so far today ive had a muffin with 2 dairylea light cheese triangles, i feel much better knowing that im going be able to eat and just have every other day of 'dieting' so to speak.
im hoping to weigh in next monday night but that will be after an up day ...can you have 2 dd in a row would it make a difference?
i would love to lose a stone and half by xmas so fingers crossed :D
weight loss here i come.
Hope you're feeling better soon Jo, I always go off my food when I', feeling poorly, only upside about being ill for me lol!

Good luck starting juddd :0 Enjoy your up day.

Always best to weigh in first thing in themorning after a down day.

It's not recommended having two down days in a row as your body would go into starvation mode and your metabolism would slow right down. Plus you'd probably feel awful, really hungry and light headed. One is fine and quite ok. If you need to swap your days around at any point best to have two up days in a row or a medium day (half of what you'd have on an up day). Some people only have three down days a week (M, W, F) so they can have both Sat and Sun as up days.

Good luck x


aka Hope Over Experience!
Hi Josie. I am quite new to this and have lost 7lbs so far. Lost five in a week then put some back on because I was stuffing my face on the UDs duh!!! But now I am getting into a routine of Mon,Wed,Fri as DDs and Tues,Thurs,Sat as UDs and Sunday as a medium day and that has worked well.

I have what I fancy even on DDs but adhere strictly to about 350 cals on my DDs (may be more for others) One day it was just a shortbread, 6 matchmakers and milk in drinks! That's all I had all day but it was what I wanted and I made the trade off of calories and hunger for brief moments of food pleasure!!! LOL! The next DD 2 days later was better in that it was more low cal food which filled me up more. But it is important to have exactly what you want (so you don't feel deprived and binge anyway) just keep to the cals on a DD and not gorge on an UD. Good luck and hope you're feeling better. HOE x


going to do it!!!!
hi there everyone,
i feel alot better than i did earlier thanks.
im now going to bore you to death on what ive eaten today ( do i have to count calories on up days? i havnt) so here goes
muffin with dairylea light triangle.
jacket potato and tuna and salad.
snack of pkt disco crisps.
homemade chilli con carne with ricee and 2 slices of garlic bread.
1 small cake( my 11yr old made them so it would have been rude not to try 1 lol).

im now sitting wondering if i should allow myself 2 quality street or would that be too much??

on my down day tomorrow im going to have 3 cd shakes and loads of water and im suer ill be fine with this as i know its just for one day only. i can have pepsi max on a dd cant i? it will be great if i can.

got my next ud planned too (god im sad lol) im going to have what i want but not go over the top i reckon ive had about 22 ww points today so thats not bad.i thought i would have wanted to pig out being allowed food but have been ok i suppose.
could any of you tell me if what ive eaten is too much so i know and also it is ok to have cd shakes on a dd(ive got loads to use up)
heres to a dd tomorrow:D

what you ate looks fine
the only rule to UD's is to eat to your hunger but not until you are stuffed - so as long as you didnt over eat any of the portions you will be fine
Yes looks like I great ud to me, well done :) Pepsi max is fine on a dd, whatever you need to get you through it :D I generally have a can of diet pepsi on a dd, but I do count the 1 cal lol lol!!

Good luck for tomorrow hun x

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