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Im a bit Confused?!

Hello Lovely Slimmers,

I wonder if anyone could help me please?!

Ive been on the LL diet for 5 weeks now and I believe the complete abstinence is 14 weeks. But what happens if you havent reached your target weight by the end of the 14 weeks? Do you carry on with the sachets or start to eat a low calorie diet??

Someone asked me today and I honestly couldnt remember my counsellor actually explaining what happens after the 14 weeks. :confused:

Many Thanks!

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Hey Laura,

If at the end of the 14 week foundation programme, you feel that you would like to lose more weight, you carry on being abstinent from food but you go into a phase called Development. As far as I understand there is no minimum or maximum time in development, you stay for as long as it takes you to reach your target weight. Once you are at target or close to it, you go onto Route to Management, which is when you start gradually reducing your packs and introducing food a little at a time. It is all very structured apparently and certain food groups are introduced at certain times. My group were interested in the various phases so our LLC went through all this a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and there is one other thing, if you miss more than two weeks of foundation, and want to come back to LL, you come back as a refresher, where I think you would be with a development group but I think you have to pay 4 weeks up front to show that you are committed to getting back onto LL.

Hope this helps! x
I think you carry on until you hit ur target weight. I should imagine that is what happens. Im sure someone else will clarify this.
Thanks Sweety, yeah that helps lots! I understand what everyone is talking about now!! Hehe! :D

Thanks Again,

you just carry on the same (on packs and bars) until you get to goal but in a different group. You'll be with people who have all done their foundation. Some will be closer to their goal than others but you can stay doing it as long as you want (since April in my case but almost ready for managment)
Management is the final group where you will be with people who are introducing food but will all be at different stages. You'll stay in this group until you've got to the end of management.
Your LLC won't talk about what happens in management too much as it takes the focus off what you're doing now and I think that's a good idea. Having been on abstinence for so long I don't think I'd have wanted to hear about what happens at the end as it would have seemed so far away!
Focus on now and things will all come into place just fine xx


Guess who's back...?
Yup - same as they said ^^ haha.

I've also heard that after 13 weeks you have to up the calories by using milk to mix the shakes instead of water... after a week of that you can go back to foodpacks in water for as long as you need... using milk every 14 weeks.... it's part of the NICE clinical guidelines...
at least that is what I read somewhere.

I have 6 stone to lost in total, so will be doing another chunk of 3 months after foundation is finito'd.

A xx
anaphylactic: yes you are right , i read in the small ll booklet that you have milk to make your shakes for a week, then back to food packs until you reach goal, at least it makes me feel better because i have not even started yet and i will be doing abstinence for more than 3 mths!!!, seems like a long journey. i need to lose 7 stones.or maybe 8 stones

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