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I'm a bit gutted!

Hi guys as some of you may know I had my first weigh in today. Well I lost 6lb was really hoping for more than that as it's my first week. I have stuck to ss 100% drank 3 litres of water each day, so what did I do wrong to only lose 6lb.

I'm not giving up or anything like that but just feel a little deflated cos everyone else seems to have huge losses in their first week.
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6lbs is a LOT of weight to lose hun so don't be disheartened, put 6lbs of potatoes or sugar or packs of butter and see how that looks!!!!!
did you cut the carbs down before starting CD? If you did you might have lost some of your glycogen before starting the diet. People tend to lose most weight in the first couple of days.

Alternatively, how much water did you drink today? A litre of water weighs 2.2lb so most people stop drinking a acouple of hours before weigh in as that can affect the scales,

Dont be too disappointed though. 6lb is Fabulous and think how long that would have taken you on a "normal" diet.
Hi Lisa

We're all different and lose at different rates but 6lbs is a great loss, its nearly half a stone in a week!! Well done!

Hi Ya All
Dont be upset with only 6 that excellent,i lost 12 lb my first week and 4 this week,but i have been drinking about 8 litres.maybe try drinking some more water,
keep up the good work
Gemma xx


Happiness in a shake!
I think 6lb is wonderful! However, you might want to up your water intake? I have been drinking at least 6 litres a day, and although I an peeing for britain, i think it helps shift a bit more weight x
please don't be upset 6lbs is a great loss you would'nt loose as much on any other diet
6lbs is great, don't be disheartened........ Maybe try and drink a bit more water but otherwise 6lbs is a great loss x x

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