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  1. NettyJ

    NettyJ Full Member

    i keep cheating. its weekends. im cheating with extra chicken, extra cucumber etc. i lost 11lb week 1, 3lb week 2 (i cheated then) and i have cheated again. I was in the same position last week on here, panicking, i just cant stop myself.!!!! i need someone to supervise me !!!!! any one else have extra stuff they shudnt have?? i am on 3 cd meals and an extra meal on behalf of my height. anyone got any suggestions to stop. i drink enough water but i cant seem to stop myself cheating. i hang my head in shame.....:break_diet:
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  3. slimmeplease

    slimmeplease Full Member

    i have just been through 5 weeks of cheating and have just got my head back round ss! i think you just need to remind yourself of why you are doing cd in the first place, i found as i became more comfortable with myself i started picking and it turned into 1 big binge, im just lucky i didnt gain a lot of weight back! sorry for rambling, i remembered how i felt when a size 20 wouldnt fit me and here i am ss 100% again. good luck xx
  4. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hey Netty.
    Just wanted to say hang in there your doing fab.. You say you have a little extra chicken how much extra do you have or a little more cucumber, I am sure that is not going to hurt you too much. If you were eating really bad things it would be different..
    How much weight have you got to lose? Would it be worth you going up a stage if you feel you need to have more?
    Perhaps try drinking some extra water.
  5. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Hmm, My first thought is could you just do 4 cd packs a day and totally leave off the food? It could be that something you are eating is making you more hungry. If you stick to the packs you'd get into ketosis and the hunger wouldn't be an issue.

    You can do this.
  6. NettyJ

    NettyJ Full Member

    hi there, i dont eat too much over, but im worried it will get more and more. i felt so tired yesterday, do you think i knocked myself out of ketosis? i feel hungry.!. i tried the 4 a day, but to be honest, it worked out so expensive that I though that i could do 3 and a meal but I may try that this week and let you know what happens. I have about 2 and a half stone more to lose. I am rubbish!!!!

    iv been good today tho, it seems to be the weekends and i am rubbish!

    dont help that I have to cook for everyone !!!!
  7. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    I don't think I could do shakes and a meal at the mo, because as soon as I get a taste of food in my mouth it makes me want more, so I have to be strict to get through it, until i'm at the stage where i'm moving up the plans. Everyone has a blip at some point, don't beat yourself up!
  8. NettyJ

    NettyJ Full Member

    i think i might try the 4 meals a day for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

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