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Well done! :)

How did you manage to give up and lose weight? I am thinking just trying one thing at a time, but would like to give up. Has it taken you long?
Thanks Loody
Well its been about 5 weeks since i gave up now. I use the patches, just moved down to step 2 on Saturday:) . I am finding it so much easier giving up while on cd because i know that i am not allowed to eat so i have not replaced smoking with food. I was planning on doing one at a time but i thought it was selfish of me to be spending £33 a week on cd and about £30 a week on fags, so i did it. There have been times when i wish i was still smoking because i am bored or upset and i cant comfort eat or drown my sorrows:sigh: but i think i have quite alot of will power and i just refuse to give in.
Hope you do give it a try while on cd, you might surprise yourself. Goodluck


a bit different everyday
wow well done nay!
thats quite something to acheive whilst concentrating on ssing!!
you are adding years to your life you know that!!
what a star!!!
Thanks Naomi, you are so right with what you say about the money, I must spend that a week on fags too. :sigh:

Thing is, I only really do it out of boredom and would love to give up. After reading your post you have inspired me to give it a go! :)

Think of all the money I could spend on small clothes!!

Well done again!!


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:wow: Way to go, though I must admit I found it easy to give up, though still feel like I could have a smoke when out socializing. But you will come to hate the smell of cigarette smoke soon.
Hi Naomi - Congratulations on stopping smoking & staying on SS - I considered doing both but thought I wouldn't be able to do it - but you proved it can be done. Thanks for being such an inspiration - no excuse for me now.
thanks everyone

Well i believe we can all do anything we set our minds on so if i dont want to smoke anymore i wont:D
I cant wait to go shopping, i thought i might treat myself to 1 new outfit once i get to a size 14

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