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I'm always surrounded by food!

I'm sure this diet would be a lot lot easier if I didn't have a boyfriend or children. Admittedly I would then be lonley and miserable but maaaaan everywhere I look there is food!

My boys love marmite on toast in the mornings, which is a killer, then I cook for them in the evening, and I cook my boyfriend something separate as he's on Atkins. I don't have to cook for him but I feel sorry for him as he has a really intense job and commutes 4 hours a day and I don't think he'd eat properly otherwise. I don't mind really, I like looking after them all but having to look at food constantly is a real test!

Be strong woman!
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You're doing great so far, I don't have to suffer the breakfast side of things first thing as I start work at 07:30, but I do sort the kids tea out most days and I must admit, it can be very tempting.

Just remember why you're doing this and then remind yourself (if need be) when you feel too tempted :D


I will do this!!!
ahhh hot buttery toast with marmite i know what you mean!! my little bot loves cheese on toast at the moment and that smell sooo good. My OH eats mainly crap like chips, beans and something or pizza but i tell him 9 times out of 10 that he has to cook for himself. One thing that has helped me get large was picking at my sons left overs but i know now that when im eating again i'll put the washing up liquid on the plate as soon as he's finished so i cant pick!
LOL there are certain things I'm not letting DH have til I'm eating again - like crispy bacon, it just smells too good!
Had to blow on spoonsfull of shepherds pie for my DS last nice and it was sooooo tempting to just pop one in my mouth! Resisted though! :)


I will do this!!!
i had to do that last night too but with chicken korma (one of my favs!) its so hard but at least we all know why we're putting ourselves through this kind of torture!!


I will do this!
Us women certainly are super women! I know when I was on LL I became obsessed with cooking and food shows, my food 'porn'. I became a feeder and I loved it, but I made sure I made healthy food and it was real fun.


I will do this!!!
i must admit i think iv turned into a feeder. Im always buying my OH chocolates and dougnuts and cakes!! its terrible really but he doesn't complain.
Us women certainly are super women! I know when I was on LL I became obsessed with cooking and food shows, my food 'porn'. I became a feeder and I loved it, but I made sure I made healthy food and it was real fun.
LOL yes I know what you mean. I obsessed with recipe books now!


I will do this!!!
oh my god recipes are my weakness now. I spend hours looking at them online and iv started to collect low cal recipes for when im eating again.
Yes me too Pizzle! Ha ha aren't we funny.


I will do this!!!
i love looking at them and i feel like im getting prepared for my new diet and lifestyle. So so odd how we work sometimes.
Yes. I'm looking at recipes that use vegetables instead of carbs as the main bulker. Foe example last night I made boyf a lasagne, but I used grilled courgette and aubergine for the layers instead of pasta, he said it was really nice.


I will do this!!!
oooh lovely can you post the recipe???? :)
Yes sure. I don't know the calories or anything like that though. I guess yu could work it out though!

1 aubergine
1 courgette
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
400 g mince
2 tins tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato puree
2 tsp olive oil (or use a sprayer)
salt, pepper, herbs (I used basil)
Handful of cheese of choice

So basically I cut the aubergine and courgette long ways into layers, as thin as I could get them. I sprayed with oil and seasoned.
Then I griddled on really high heat for a few mins on each side until cooked, but not over cooked.

Made meat sauce by frying onion, garlic. Then added mince.
Add tomato puree and tinned tomatoes, a tsp of sugar or sweetener is needed to counteract the bitterness. Add herbs (italian seasoning, basil, oregano all work well)
Simmer for 20 mins
Layer meat on bottom of lasagne dish.
Add a layer of aubergine/courgette
Add layer of meat
Continue until you have run out of meat and veg but make sure you end with meat on top.
Add cheese to top. Can be just a sprinkling of parmesan, a handful of cheddar, or mozzarella would be nice too.

Oven for about 15-20 mins. Smelled lovely and tasted delicious apparently but I will have to wait to find out!


I will do this!!!
wow i'll add that to my recipe folder, sounds so nice.


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Thanks for the recipe. I've now started a recipe folder due to reading it.

My father-in-law has a large veg patch and keeps giving us things we can't eat on this diet. Last week he gave us a large bag of great looking (though knobbly) corgettes. I was planning to cook and freeze some corgette bakes, a real favourite with my brood, but I'm gonna give this a go too now.

Anyone got any ideas for turnip or beetroot recipes that will freeze?

I definitely know how you feel. My partner is an overeater with no real plans to diet. I don't mind him eating in front of me. It's the hassling ME to eat, and how he keeps scheduling things for us to do (like a bbq at his parents' house!!) that require me to eat. I sometimes wonder if he doesn't want me to lose weight, because then HE would feel like the chubby one...

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