I'm baaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkkk


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OK I'm back.
I had my 2 weeks off at Christmas, I went off the rails a wee tiny bit.
Im not sorry about it, I had the best Christmas of my life, but, Im back now, straight back on the wagon.
Its weigh in tonight, its not going to be pretty, but its all my own doing and I will take whats coming. lol
Happy New Year to you all.............
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Gin and tonic please!
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Welcome baaaaaaack!
I'm the same, two weeks off, weigh in tonight, eep!
However, I've lost it before and I'll lose it again :D

Devon Dolce

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Welcome back xxx


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Welcome back the both of you, and you're spot on I think it's better just to have a great Christmas, appreciate it for what it is and forget all about the diet, then just face the music in the new year and get right back on track :)

Good luck for your WI Debs. I weighed in at home after just TWO days off plan and had increased by 9.5lbs lol, although in fairness I did ensure I ate enough over the two days to keep a normal human comfortably alive for two weeks :)


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welcome back - Im just back on track today myself - WI on Wed - dreading it, good luck tomight!


I can do this............
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Welcome back!!
I think most people have done the same i know i have! If i had stayed on plan all over xmas i would have gone mad!! I would much rather start the year with a few extra lbs! hehe!

Good luck! xx


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well, weigh in, and only put on TWO pounds.......
I am absolutely flabberghasted by that.............................. I ate everything and I mean everything I wanted for 2 full weeks, Indians, chinese, bread, butter, cream you name it. Yet last month on one week where I stuck 100% to the plan I gained a pound and a half. lol
I have no idea what goes on with me.............. but who cares, only 2 pounds.... Im sooooo happy. Oh and Im back on track 100% now too.