I'm back...again!


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Well, slightly longer break than planned but I AM back!

Had a lot of naughtiness over xmas - to my reckoning, i piled on 17lbs.
Started, really, 2 weeks ago and had 'official WI' a week ago.
By the time I got there I was 8lb gained - so not a bad 1st week and then should've weighed today but missed it (damned work!)

WI at home looks like another 7lb! I will be SOOO chuffed if that's right but who knows.

Actually gone really easy this time.

Have a new mini goal too.
Off to Dublin at the end of March with hubby and friends (with super skinny, sexy, gorgeous friend too - cow) so want - ideally - 2 st off.
Or to get to the 4/5st mark.

Had a nice treat today though.
Got an 18 top on from Next.
Was wearing 22's pre LT.
So nice little spur to keep me going.

Hope you're all doing well - look forward to hearing lots of great successes

Jo x x
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Welcome back Jo and congrats on the weightloss!! Lucky you off to Dublin for a wee holiday, am sure you will be able to meet your minigoal in time :)


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Thanks Cookeh.

Sorry to read your stats about your Dad hun - hope you and your family are ok x x

You're doing well on the losses though - look forward to hearing more about them x


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good luck:)