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Start date:-Mon 18/10/10
Saturday 16th October, 2010.
Well my friend has persuaded me to start on the CD wagon again for the final time.
I’ve got 24wks until my 10th wedding anniversary and I want some pictures done where I look as good, or hopefully better than I did then!
The first time I did CD was running up to my 5th wedding anniversary, but I have yo-yoed beyond belief since then and loads has happened. (far too much for here)

Ive decided to start a new diary again to keep me accountable for my actions and once I have filled this in Im off to phone my cdc for supplies.

Hopefully I wont bore people rigid with the diary – but if anyone wants to comment on it then feel free, or if you have quite a bit of weight to get off and are going to be in it for the long haul then jump on my wagon with me and hopefully we can keep each other going – the more the merrier.
Doing CD in the past I have found this site and support on this site invaluable and hope to again.
Lets get this weight thing sorted once and for all!!!!
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Hi Jess, welcome back and good luck on your weightloss journey. :)
thankyou both I look forward to getting to know all these 'new' people I dont know.
tess we have about the same amount to lose lets hope we can keep each other going.

16to10 how much more do you want to lose ?

You are both doing really well lets hope I can follow in your footsteps.

As this is my 3rd time - I know all the tricks in the book but am DETERMINED to stick to it with no cheats this time!

Am off out for tea with the family tonight - sort of last supper and then my mum has invited us for tea tomorrow so Monday is D Day - Im not going to tell anyone Im back on CD unless I 'HAVE' to until Im over the danger period of the first few days - once Im on fat burning I will be fine I know and then my danger time comes when I have got about 21lbs to go cos i feel back to 'normal' then and my determination starts to wane.

roll on monday...


likes to post
welcome back jess I remember you.

I have been yo-yoing for about 18 months doing cd on and off during this time. I got to within 2 lbs of my goal but didn't go up the plans and sort of maintained putting on and losing the same few lbs, sometimes on cd and sometimes just calorie counting etc, then over the holidays 09 I put on a few more lbs so was about 7-9 lbs over goal again yo-yoing then christmas 09 put on more :cry: and I've been struggling ever since both on and off cd!

I also changed my goal weight as when I was 2 lbs off goal I felt like I could do with losing another 7 or so lbs

So I'm with you "lets get this weight thing sorted once and for all"
Hi Jess, yes it will be nice to have a CD-"buddy". I really do need help staying motivated. :)
Have a good weekend.
Hey sorry went awol everyone sunday and monday were manic of having to do things with the kids and work etc etc so didnt even put on the pc to check in - but I decided yesterday that I would spend from Mon - thurs going back down the steps to make going into ss easier and I have a meal out with work i cant avoid so will make sensible choices and will be starting to ss on fri. I kniow if I started ssing yesterday and then went out for meal on thurs I would feel like I had broken the diet so would have given myself licence to eat and then think of its ok I wil start ssing next monday and thats no good as next monday never comes! Its been next monday since before xmas and in that time Ive managed to put on 2.5st GGGGGRRRRR.

So Ive had 2 good days of 1500 and 1200 cals including 1 shake and tomorrow its 1000 cals and 2 shakes and then thurs its AAM and fri SSing eek! actually Im ready for it - its so true people saying you have to be in the zone and luckily my zone has come back FINALLY!

Hope you are all okay and hanging in there especially as this weather is so cold - even without ketosis

See you all tomorrow am off to catch up on some programmes
Hi Jess, well done Hon. You are doing really well. Good luck with your steps until SS-ing. Have a good evening and we'll catch up with you tomorrow. :)
Hey everyone - only got two ticks - Life is so busy at mo - will be around alot more over the weekend and next week as I wont be taxi driver for my two doing all their various activities!!!

Well I have been to see my CDC earlier and had an official weigh in start weight and D-Day is tomorrow morning for SSing. I know I said it would be today but things went a bit haywire and Im off to see one of my oldest and bestest friends tonight and she has just found out she has breast cancer and she is only 37!

Im in shock really and dont know full details till I see her later but it has given my wake up call to stop Pi$$ing around with being on and off diet and stuffing my face when there is no need. I was motivated last weekend but this has really given me my kick up the ar$e to get it sorted.

Hope you are all okay and hanging in there and will 'see' you all over the weekend
Start date:-23/10/10
Saturday 23RD October, 2010.
wEIGHt 16stone 7lbs
Breakfast – banana bliss J
Well this is it day 1 and raring to go after seeing my friend last night. Have had my shake and am currently glugging my first litre of water. I’ve done my charts (Which I do every time sad I know but I like a plan) and as long as I stick to my plan and not take the scenic route then I should be on track to hit healthy weight range for my wedding anniversary next year.

Am going to read all the diaries on here to get me up to speed with everyone and also help to keep me on track
Have got housey jobs to keep me busy aswell – bed stripping etc and washing so see you all in a bit hope you all okay and hanging in there
Hi Jess, sorry I haven't been on the boards much either the last couple of days. I'm so sorry about your friend. It brings home how short life is really, doesn't it. I hope and pray that she gets through this and makes a full recovery.

Well done on your first day of CD. I hope it went really well. I'm at work at the moment, and was out most of the day yesterday, so still need to catch up on my housework!:eek:
Hope day 2 goes just as well for you.
Will catch up soon. x :)

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