I'm Back For The Last Time


Hi All
I know, I always say I'll be posting regularly, but with work it's a nightmare and I don't get much time.

Well I have decided I don't want to be fat and 30, so got just over a year to get slim. It is more than possible and I will do it.

1) Be a size 14 by June (Uncle coming over from Australia, haven't seen him since I was 16 and a size 24)
2) Find a man, one that likes me for me - yeah I know asking too much !! LMAO
3) Move out of home
4) Learn to rollerblade / iceskate

So How is everyone?? D_Q you look fab on your photo!!

Hi Mel,

Nice to see you and a lot of good reasons there for you to keep motivated.

Have you started, or when do you plan too?

Love Mini xxx
Hey MelP...you can do this...keep your eyes on the prize hun, think how great YOU will feel when you have your moment of glory at seeing your uncle as the new slim you....but remember he will love YOU for YOU no matter what..:D

onwards and downwards;)
You look lovely in your avatar - so go for it honey, you can so do this! love

Thanks guys, wasn't sure who would post, as I've been AWOL for so long.

I started on Tuesday morning going really well, not felt hungry today - woo hoo !, but still no pink on me wee stick !! :( Might take a bit longer, as my body knows what is happening.

Clothes have all got tight, my trouble is I get rid as soon as they are too big, but then again, it has got my big butt in gear with no clothes to wear.

Right I'm doing 790, as I still have some do's to go to, plus my birthday in a couple of weeks. I would rather do that then blow it completely. I'm off visting a customer on Thursday and they are taking me to lunch - think they've got that the wrong way round, but hey !! Made sure they will have something I can eat.

I can feel the excitement of ketosis creeping in !!

Plus update, sis in law is expecting 20th May, she found out today it's a girl, already looking for PINK! baby clothes :) :D
hey good luck, you can do it sweetie I was a size 20 in august nd am now a size 12, just stick with this diet and it will work for you, also finding a man will be easy when you have your new added confience from loosing weight and I can say that as a 33 year old I love all the looks I am now getting from men , so go for it girl and grab yourself a man with your new look that will be coming pretty soon!
Still going strong, a couple of hicups, but feeling really good.

Today, really stressed, made a huge ^%£ up at work and had to sort it out, nightmare, would normally of had chocolate, but had a choc shake followed by a mug of coffee. Was quietly chuffed with myself. :D
:) Well done its little things like that which make you realise you are in control.

I have a similar feeling each time I put my little girls food in the bin without nibbling :)
Thats brilliant melanie - it's the small little victorys that will help win the battle.

Keep going you are doing really well and you have every right to feel chuffed with yourself!!!!!
Good for you MelainieP. I am starting on CD on 22nd Jan, did LLin 05 losing 5st but since then have really lost the plot.

Know what you mean about the clothes. I have a beautiful wardrobe full but have just had to buy a bigger size black trouser, skirt and a blue skirt just to get me by at work. Feeling pig sick.

I have only started back posting after being on the DH when I was on lighterlife. But am using the excuse of my birthday next week before I start - what a cop out!!!!

I am feeling really down and crappy. I don't want to have to keep on going back to this, I just want a little control around food.

Good luck you know you can do it.

Take care

Well done mate - what an excellent way to handle things. Congrats to your SIL, and looking forward to seeing your progress :D
Hey honey.. Your doing well.. Esp reaching for the choc shake instead of the chocolate.. That took well good will power.. just shows you CAN do it.. and will..
Good luck to you.. though im sure you dont need it..
Love Cat x x x
Thanks ladies, I am well on track and enjoying it.

Saksred - I was off CD long enough to get really annoyed with myself and my clothes to get tight, size 16 denim skirt looks disgusting - only just fitted when I bought it, back up to about a 20, but will be a 16 before you know it. As I am doing 790 I am able to have a small meal in the evening, which I will be doing on my birthday, which is end of the month. I'll be 29 and I'm not going to be overweight and unhappy at 30.

I think the small sucesses help you with the bigger ones and I'm definately a lot less stressed and my hormones are not all over the place, another week and I'll hopefully be flying in ketosis heaven.

right, I'd better get on with my reports, or all hell will break loose at my meeting on Thursday.

Will be back on line Thursday evening for an update.

Mel :p ;) :D :eek: :cool: :rolleyes: :)
Hi :wave_cry:

Sorry I haven't been around, my Aunty died 3 weeks a go, I tried to keep going, but I gave up. Started every morning, but by lunch time, I'd caved in.:break_diet:

Well it's a nearly a week since the funeral and enough is enough, my birthday was Thursday and tomorrow is my Grandma's birthday so i am starting bright 'n' breezy Monday morning, I will be having shakes only, will keep my bars for another week and have some chicken and veg for dinner.

I will try my best to pop on every night and post my daily events.

speak to you all soon

Mel x
Thanks Pea,

How are you doing???
Pretty good. Day 29 today - had my first AAM. Didn't weigh today, but lost 24 lbs in my first three weeks so really chuffed. Lovely to see you back honey xx