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I'm back, starting again!


Best of luck for your restart ... you can do it!!! Just find your resolve and keep hold of it, you'll be at goal in no time.



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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
Good luck. Today is my first day of starting again!
Thanks Princess Farkie :) I just called my CDC and ordered 3 weeks supply of shakes etc. I have one week left over from last time, so that gives me enough for my first month. (I don't see my CDC as I live 2.5hrs drive from the nearest one so it's all done by phone and email, lol!)

So I'm raring to go now! I can start tomorrow and by the end of week 1 my parcel will have arrived with the rest in it :)
Good Luck Lisa! We have a similar amount to lose. My ticker lies (I put some back on) so I will need to fix that. Hope day 1 goes well for you.


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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
When you put it back on Mocaj, did it go on the same place as you had it before? I put weight back on after Lighterlife and it distributed differently! straight on my boobs and stomach! Before, it had settled on thighs and bottom half
Hey Lisa/Mocha J

I restarted today having had a 6 week break and I too found that the weight went back to different places. Having always been 'hippy' with massive ass and saddlebags, I now have a huge pot belly and handles :)eek: ) and not such a large botty & thighs. Rather unheard of for me!! I'll be happy the day weight goes on my boobs!! :rotflmao:


It's gone back on round my waist. I'd lost 18 and a bit lbs and it had come off my stomach, bum and thighs. Bum and thighs are still a bit slimmer but my stomach is carrying the bit I've put back on for sure!

I'd only done 3 weeks of SS when I had a minor blip which rapidly turned into a major blip! :eek:

I got pretty angry with myself which of course just made the blip worse. Vicious circle, lol! So it's taken me a couple of weeks to get back into the right frame of mind to start this again.


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Good luck with your fresh start. Sadly think I will end up with spaniels ears but nothing a good bra can sort out...I hope!!
So will you be having a 'last super' or have you been cutting carbs to get ready?
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Good luck to you all restarting today - keep us posted on your progress. We're all here to support you especially through those first few tough days.

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Good luck Lisa i hope it goes well for you.

And there is nothing wrong with spaniels ears i have a beautful cocker and i love his ears lol

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