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I'm Back!!

Morning All

I'm back :)

Just got over swine flu :(

Got back from my friends hen do on Sunday last week not feeling too chipper.

On the Monday i finished work at 12, and went home sick with a terrible cough.

On the Tuesday i went to see my doctor, who asked if i'd been in contact with anyone with swine flu, she said i didnt look as if i'd got it, she listened to my chest and suspected i had a chest infection.

Was given antibiotics and told to take ibroprofin and paracetamol and rest up.

I got worse!!!

The sweats and shakes, runney nose, aching!

Rung the NHS help line and got transfered to the swine flu help line, where i was asked questions and was given the Tami flu code so my dad could pick me up the medication.

I spoke with my GP the following day and she advised me not to take the Tami flu, as from her experiance it makes you worse.

My Friend Kate took the Tami Flu and she was been sick all the time and was halusanating (cant spell it!!! lol) she was princess Lear from star wars!!!!!!!!

I finished my anitibiotics, rested up, and slept for England, and now i'm almost 100%!!!!

Spent most of the time on Green, eating lots of pasta and rice.

I couldnt get to class last Tuesday due to being ill, so i'm not sure how much damage i've done to the weight loss since going away to Edinburgh, and i've had the odd Fish and chips and chinese since i've been ill :(

So Roll on this evening's WI, i'm back on track 100% today :D

Hope everybody is well!

Alyce xx
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Glad to hear that you are getting back on your feet again Hun. My Hubby had "suspected swineflu" and was prescribed Tamiflu...turns out it was just man-flu instead.
Dont worry about the little blips..the main thing is that you are getting better again.

I put on 1/2 lb, pretty happy with that!
Here is to the week ahead to get that off and another pound or two :D x

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Glad to hear you're feeling better now and haven't damaged the plan much at all - possibly that was coz you weren't eating much when you had the symptoms? Best o'luck'n'stuff - should be a bit easier to give the chippie a miss for a while now you've got it out your system eh? ~Naughty but oooooooh sooooooo nice~
Blimey Alyce, that's a bit rubbish hun. Hope you are feeling much better. Half on really isn't bad as when you are ill, following the plan is the last thing on your mind. Back to normal now hey!
Good luck for this week. xx
Thanks guys :)

No more fish and chips dont worry!!!

I'm feeling much better, was expecting a bigger gain, but thankfully not.

I'm doing green days a lot more now - they fill me up for longer i find!

Going on holiday next Thursday to Malta, so got one more WI before i go, and i aim to get this 1/2lb off and maybe another 1 or 2 :D



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Great you're feeling better! At least you won't be taking it away with you! You'll soon get that half pound off.

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