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I'm Back!


So, I did CD last year and lost 3st for our holiday and then, yep! put it all back on and then some!

Today's day 1 and has been tough but I'm 100% all the way. ("I will be positive, I will be positive....") ;)

Set a goal of 3st initially as I've got a lot to lose and breaking it down helps a bit.

Off to read some threads to inspire me!
Glug glug!

Jen x
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Cheers love x
Hiya hun!! Well done on losing 3 stone last year :) thats a great amount of weight to lose, you have done it once you CAN do it again. I find as i have LOADS to lose, that spliting it into little goals helps me to try and reach each goal and keeps me motivated. Good luck hun <3 xxxx

Feeling quite positive today. I will beat my addiction to food!

Is it possible for me to have been in ketosis last night? I was full of energy, not hungry and my hands and feet were freezing!
Thanks! Day 3 and I've lost 5lb already!


Mad as a Hatter
Welcome back and good luck with your journey - you know you can do it and also what to expect..

Just take it one day at a time and you will get there

I'm on Day 3 of my last restart and like you feeling good !

It was Day 1 Becca! That's why I thought there was no way it could be ketosis.


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Hunni

How are you feeling today ? I still have the headache that I started with yesterday, even after a night's sleep and some paracetamols - started to get a bit worried, but I am sure that it will be nothing..

Have a good day and like I said, just keep at it one day at a time..


I usually get major headaches with carb withdrawal but haven't had any this time.
Day 4 now, feeling fine, I'm not hungry but still want food, if that makes any sense?!

Bacon sandwiches for me! (MMMMmmmmm!)

Mustn't think about it!
Good luck Jen!!

You're doing brill!! This is my first ever time on CD and this is Day 2 for me.. Dare I even say it.. I found yesterday OK (Day 1).. I just cleaned everything in sight and kept focused... but it got to the evening and I was "craving" anything LOL, like you both said, craving but not hungry!! Weird!! Then the food programmes come on TV and I thought "Oh no" I'm off to bed.. Can't watch food on TV! It's Day 2 and I'm feeling OK!

Good luck to you Jen and Madferret.. keep up the good work girls, we can all do this and look great for summer!
Thanks Tracee, you too x

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