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I'm back!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello all!

Well after a year away I am back! So excited to start Cambridge Diet today, have a lot of weight to lose because I have had a baby!

I am not sure if any of the CD'ers are around from when I was here before but Im quite used to cambridge diet and first did it in 2006, I love doing it and am so strict on it!

Am 14 stone 4 today, hoping to get down to 11 stone for Christmas.

Megan is 6 weeks old now, I am not BF and am fully recovered, I had the most amazing birth and had no complications, no stitches or anything so I am ready to get back on to the diet!

My CDC advised I had a small meal per day too (like add a meal) but I am going to go the first week and see how I do, I get weighed on 4th Oct first weigh in.

Nice to be back, hope everyone is well and doing good!

Lauren x
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Welcome back Lauren.
Congratulations on your baby girl. Wow you certainly seem to have been blessed with a stress free birth.
I feel we may all be coming to you for advice regarding CD as you seem very strong and mentally in the "zone".
I look forward to reading all about your mahoosive losses each week.
Take care
Dolly x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thank you Dolly2!

I will never go on the diet unless I have prepared my mind for it, I set a date (have been thinking about today for the last 10 days or so) and dive in from there! I by no means find it easy, but the pain and misery I feel looking in the mirror at my fat thighs and dimply bum makes me think how much more important it is to be slim than cheat on this diet!

I hope that it is not too hard to do this and run around after Megan, but I can only try.

I will be happy to chat and try and give advice, I really enjoy the diet and love how I feel so detoxed.

Hi Lauren, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl x Just to say good luck starting back on CD. i totally know what you mean when you say you have to get in the 'zone' for this diet as it really is ALL or NOTHING for me aswell. i am starting again tomorrow, 3rd time round to get to goal and i am getting my mind ready for it as CD isnt easy in the 1st week at all so i have been preparing myself for whats ahead. Its strange but i am looking forward to the detox part of it and the good feeling of being in control...for once.

Good luck on your journey x x
hiya and welcome back! did you maintain in between your cd stints? did you find maintenance ok?

ps - your enthusiasm is really infectious!


Staff member
Welcome back Lauren, it is lovely to hear you had an easy time with Megan's birth.

Congratulations and Best Wishes.



Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thank you Mini.

My enthusiasm! I dont know where its come from today, I suppose I'm still elated about my gorgeous baby girl plus the thoughts of getting back into my skinny jeans at Christmas is enough to make me smile!

Maintenance - well last year I started up the gym and just watched what I ate, beween 2nd November and 17th December I stayed around 11stone/11stone 2 but by then I was 8 weeks pregnant (remember what I weighed at my 8 week apt) so I didnt do too bad. Just all went out the window in my pregnancy!

Inbetween the other stints, I wasnt so good, I was very complacent and ended up putting the weight back on which is why last year I started at the gym and had smaller portion sizes, it seemed to work for the while I was doing it. I really need to exercise, its the only thing that really keeps my weight down after cambridge, it just motivating myself as I hate it!

At the moment, I must add, I am in size 18 next jeans, I tried on size 20 (shock!!) jeans in M&S and they fit snug...I didnt buy them though, even though as my Mum says "its only a number!" I hate wearing the size 18s and I know I will look back and think I look mahoosive!

It is all definately worth it though, when I look at my baby girl x


reaching my goal
welcome back , im postive you will do really well on this cd diet ! congrats on you baby girl . Good luck for the future !
Welcome back and congratulations on having a beautiful baby daughter. Good luck for your weight loss, remember we're all here if things get tough xxx
I remember you!!!

My god that years gone quick!!!

Im back again too to lose weight i put on over summer!

You'll do great again xxxxxxx all the best

Your daughter looks gorge x
how you getting on?
Lauren - congratulations on your gorgeous baby. She looks beautiful.

But, um...

I didn't think you were allowed to do the Cambridge Diet (certainly not SS anyway) until your baby's 3 months old. Has your doctor agreed that this is okay? Forgive me for poking my oar in and I know you said you felt great - but I'm kind of worried for you. This diet's hard enough at the best of times, let alone with a 7 week old baby.

Just wanted to, well... make sure you stay fit and well.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hi Lily

I never replied to your message, apologies.

I didnt complete it anyway - I lasted 3 days and just had enough, so you're right that I wasnt ready - and my body told me that. It was hard and I just decided to wait.

6 months on, and I'm ready again! Thank you for your concern and I never even knew you had to wait 3 months! xxxx


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Aw, good to have you back aboard hun. :) I reckon you'll have that excess weight off in no time now.

When are you going to get started - or have you already? :D


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thank you, feeling ready to go!

I'm starting tomorrow!

I do hope so.

Thanks! x

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