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im back

Hi guys, im finally back .Yippee ive missed you all so much.I joined ww last week as i has put on 10 pounds since getting here :cry:.I tried to do the cambridge but i kept failing as it seemed to be a lot harder here than the uk.Ive got my first weigh in tonite so i will let you all know how im getting on.I will do a new tracker etc.It is so blooooooooooody hot its 37 today and the rental were in has no air con :cry:.It is really lovely here and i wished i had done it sooner.It seems a life time ago i spoke to you all,everyone is gonna be fighting to get on as its only been up and running for an hour but i will do my darndest to get on here as much as i can.
It will take me some time to catch up but im back:talk017::talk017:
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Hello hello hello god youve been missed glad to see you back mate ive been really naughty and neglecting my thread so i better go over and update christ how long have i got xxxxx
just updated
Hi Andi

Glad to see you back and to hear everything is as you had hoped.


didnt realise andi had emigrated too lol !!!

Yipeeeeeeee you're back ..... and KK where have you been?? Thought you had left the country too!!!!

Glad to see you are both ok!

Paula hun, great to see you back on the boards. Wish we had it 37 degrees, its bloomin freezing here. Keep us posted with your progress hun, and welcome back !! xxxx
hi guys,had my first weigh in lost 6 pounds so thats absolutly fab.Its so lovely to be back and speak to you all ,i must catch up to see how your all doing.I cant beleive how near we are to xmas and its bloody boiling.The lady we stayed with when we came over invited us for xmas day so thats cool,aparantly its a barbi breakfast beach and a barby lunch HOW WEIRD it certainly wont seem like xmas lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:rolleyes:

Yipeeeeeeee you're back ..... and KK where have you been?? Thought you had left the country too!!!!

Glad to see you are both ok!

i did try to get in paulas suitcase but sadly didnt fit LOL!!

well done on the loss paula hun xxx
6lbs!!!!!! go you!!!

When we lived in Spain xmas was VERY wierd! They don't celebrate it like we do as they have 3 kings festival on january 6th. Nice tho to be in a different coountry and see what their traditions are!



Taking Back Control...!!!
Hey Paula!

I was talking to a friend of your's in Tesco tonight....!!! Lorna says hi!! She works in hair dressers I go to and we had many a discussion about LL.... small world or what.... she said her friend who she'd made at LL had just emigrated to Australia and she'd been chatting.... I remember we communicated a while back and you said you went to Liz in Rugby so I put two and two together!!!

Glad to hear your settling in in Oz.... I'm sure it'll be the best decision you've ever made - a friend of mine emigrated out there 3 years ago and loves it so much she said she'll never ever come back to the UK!

I told Lorna to get onto Talk Talk for phone/broadband etc cos they do cheap calls overseas or for you to look into getting a cheap line.... my friend has a package that runs through their computer and she has a local UK number so it costs me nothing to call as I get free weekend/evening calls..... not sure what it's called but definately worth looking into....

Take care.... oh and I hear it's very warm.... lucky you....:D
Yay Paula, so lovely to have you back love! And well done on losing 6lb that's fantastic! You sound so happy, really nice to hear from you.
lovely to hear from you and that your happy over there! well done on the 6 lb loss - that is fantastic!!
hi guys,mich i cant beleive you no lorna she is sooooooooooooo gorgeous i cant beleive how small this world is.It has been so busy but i def need to get back on here more often as i miss you all xx:)