I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Everyone

I'm back, had a good time but our luggage was lost for the first 5 days so on the formal evenings I got to wear crew polo shirt and trousers!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a shame, as of course a lot of the cruising thing is getting dolled up. Also the weather was cold and wet so was walking round Istanbul in a t shirt, trousers and sandals! Didn't swim- no cossie but walked absolutley miles! So weight wise have put on, wait for it, drum roll, ONE POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazed as ate and drank whatever I fancied, which was an awful lot of cocktails mainly, but I guess the walking plus the stress did the trick.
Great to be home, kids all fine, house in one piece so all is well. Looking forward to catching up with all my minimin firends, missed you guys and from the quick look I have had I reckon you have all been pretty busy. Right, must go and put some washing in, see you later, Lots of Love
Good to see you back Barb.

Just one pound on. Blimey...that's excellent. Well done you..
Hi Barb

Glad you were able to enjoy your trip even without getting dolled up. Will you get any compensation for your inconvenience at all?

It will be nice to have you back now. As ofcourse you have to get cracking and get of that great big pound!

Dizzy x