I'm back....


Happily on CD
Hi Guys and Girlies,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am back online properly - well, hopefully...

I am also back on the straight and narrow and if I ever even think about lapsing then you all have the divine right to kick my ahrse!

I am disgusted to say that I have put on about 8lbs and feel as fat as a heiffer :( Serves me flipping right.

Day one today and so far so good - i even cooked hubs his fave dinner.

Had a sod of a day in every other way but the CD is going OK :D

Hope you're all OK xxxxx
And how exactly do I get my ticker to sit in my little box????
Pick the BB code version , hylight it, then right click and copy.

Next go you your profile on this site, UserCP(in the blue bar above on the far left), click edit signature, and then paste it in your signature. Click save and your good to go ;)
oops - meant to copy and paste all of it but you only got half lol but I guess it's the half you need hey? Tis the BB code you need, my love.

Good to have you back, sweetie!!!
Welcome back Brighty.

I must be doing something wrong, my wife doesn't cook me my favourite dinner. She thinks I only eat dust.
Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Thanks Isobel. I was copying the wrong one :rolleyes:

It's going to take me a while to get used to the layout of this site :cool:

Thanks for the WB Brad :)
Won't take you long til you feel right at home, hun.

I click on the New Posts icon frequently, to see what's happening right now....
Brightness said:
It's going to take me a while to get used to the layout of this site :cool:

I thought that (because it is new), but now find it sooooo much better than that other place.
I'm sure if I spend all day tomorrow on here then I'll soon get the hang of it, Brad

Hi Zareena, I see you're doing well from your tracker - you go girl - how are you?
Hiya hun!!! I'm doing good thanks.. I think my tracker may look a little deceitful..lol! I just started over again on tuesday, just on day 3 now and I'm trying to hold on tight because its been a long time since I got past day one:eek: !!! How are you doing though?!
PMSL - I'm on another day one:rolleyes:
Welcome Brightness to MiniMins xxx

Hi Brightness,

Welcome and make yourself at home...

Delighted to see you back posting, you have been so missed by everyone...you are not called 'Brightness and Lightness' for nothing...

I love your avatar of the babies

They look so happy in it, how are they keeping?

Good for you for getting back on your diet; one day at a time, that is all it takes.

and we are all here to help you along...

Talk soon

Love Mini xxx
LMFAO Mini, more like Brightness and blobbiness!!!!

The babies are fine - Charlie is now on immuno suppressant medication and his skin is clearing up really well :)

Maxx is as naughty as ever. We stood him on the patio table and ran the hair clippers all over him last week as he was so hot - now he's behaving like a naughty puppy :D

How is your baby? Hope she's A OK?

Zareena yep we'd better crack it this time - it's doing my head in I feel like a flipping yo yo going up and down !!!!
Brightness and Zareena....it's sooooo good to see you both. Such a lovely surprise when I saw both your names just now.....I'm grinning right now thinking of some of the laughs we've had in the past and the support you've both given me before.....xxx
D_Q honey,

I heard a rumour today that you possibly had a bit of a crush of PMCK??? It's not true, is it???? I've told you his voice gives me the collywobbles. -:)