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I'm coming back :)

Hi there I'm a newbie so dnt know u from before,I started yesterday n going ok so far,I also have a baby she is 5month old, and a 2yr old son,how did u do last time round? Best of luck x x
I lost 5.5st was almost at target and found out about my little surprise lol.

After an awful pregnancy in which I ended up housebound because of sever spd I've put it all back on and more, I couldn't follow RTM the first time round because of obvious reasons but Lottie is definately our last so I'm going to follow it through to the end this time :)

Good luck mummytwo when do/did you start?

Emma xXx
i started yesterday :) waited a while for a group to start,i didnt really loose my baby weight from my son so then when i was pregnant the second time round i gained a bit more so really need it now,and we r def not having anymore either! how long did it take u to lose 5.5stone?x


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welcome back FYM! There are still plenty of us around from the 'old days' so there are some familiar faces, and some lovely new ones too.
Sorry you had such an awful pregnancy but I'm sure she has been more than worth it.
I'm back on packs for a few weeks to lose the bit of weight that has crept on since xmas and on holiday. Hopefully it'll be off in no time.
How old if your little one now? Hope you're both doing well.
All the best with the next bit of your LL journey! xx
Thank you Rachel :) I read about your holiday, sounds like you had an amazing time. Hope you're planning on showing us some pics :).

Lottie is 15 weeks so she's had a good start with the breastfeeding but now the pain in my knee's hips and back along with the constant exhaustion are getting on top of me so although my goal was at least a year I need to fix my body before I fall apart!

I feel about 90 lol when I was this weight before I didn't have half as much pain with it but now I'm REALLY feeling it and with 4 kids I need to be on top form lol.

Mummytwo it took me 5 months and it was worth every second, I can honestly say that this is the only diet thats ever worked for me. I gained 5lbs in my first week at slimming world and I only managed to maintain at weightwatchers so here I am :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all better (and getting slim again!).

Emma xXx


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Wow 4 tiddlers!! That must keep u busy! I struggle with my two lol
Hi emma!
good luck on your restart hun, lovely to have you back with us again

put a piccie on when you have time
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Welcome back FYM!! I'm glad to see you, I hope you are in a much better place this time and the new little one is in good health!!
We are all here to support you!

Be strong my dear. It will definitely worth it though much harder this time. But think about it... You're losing the weight this time primarily for yourself and secondly for your lovely kids. You want to be able to run around with them all, don't you? Chase Lottie as she begins to take those first few baby steps, and be there quickly enough if she falls. It's all the little things you are doing this for.

xx Have fun, and good luck. :)
Welcome back Emma.
Congratulations on your little Lottie - and -
not so much of the "old" !!!!! sensitive, moi?:D
This is my little lady I have tons of better pics on facebook as my laptops just been reformatted so all my pics have been put in a folder somewhere on dh's comp and I can't find them lol.

Thankls daisy and sb and minerva I'm not talking to you since you deleted me off facebook :p

Am currently having a stand off with my daughter trying to get her to take the bottle, she's sooooo stubborn!

Emma xXx


TY sb :) well after all this I'm not coming back yet after all lol, I went along this morning got all the packs and started and then had a major meltdown as I realised I'm just not ready to stop breastfeeding yet! Lottie's definately our last baby and I realised I want tpo make the most of it all so have decided I want to continue until she's at least 1 so I'll not be back for a while yet, I'm such a sap lol.

Emma xXx
Don't worry we'll still be here when you're ready - as long as you don't goon breast feeding until she's 16 !!:D


Is back in the saddle!
Ewwww!!! Perish the thought SB!!!!

Hi Yummy, good to see you and little one! She looks smashing. :)

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