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I'm considering Lipotrim and have some questions...


I will do this...
Hi all

I want to start Lipotrim and I hope someone can answer a few questions I have...

A few years back I looked into doing the Cambridge Diet - because of the weight that I am at and my BMI was at a certain range the CD counsellor had to get me to attend my doctor, the doctor then had to agree to me doing the programme. My doctor isn't a fan of diets like these and instead asked me to try Xenical.

Xenical was good but I stopped taking them and I haven't really been trying any diet and now its time for me to loose this weight once and for all and I want to try Lipotrim.

Can anyone tell me if I will have to get agreement from my GP? Will the pharmacist be able to put me on this diet without this agreement as they will be following my progress? (I'm in the 300lbs mark - queue embarrased face from me :()

What is the cost of the meal packs?

Fingers crossed that I will be able to start Lipotrim this week :)
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First of allJenjen, please don't be embarrassed, no one is going to judge you here as we are all in the same boat, you will be among friends here so don't worry! :) I didn't have to go to my Drs, I went straight to the pharmacist, filled in a basic questionaire about my medical health ( im not on any meds and have no conditions) so if everything is ok you should be fine!
I pay £36 a week for 3 meals a day (21 in total) I'm on day 11, its not easy but well worth it.
I go in every Tuesday and get weighed and to buy another weeks food supply.
Wish you lots of luck in the choices you make x
I wanna echo what Claire has said, everyone here is in the same boat and nothing appears to be off limits questions wise! (god knows how many posts i have read about Pooh!)

To start with I was embarrassed asking even at my pharmacy for my LT shakes and weight in now i think fcuk it at least I have recognized I am huge and am doing something about it.

From my personal experience LT is the most restrictive of the TFR VLCDs on the market at the moment but the 1 to 1 pharmacy visits are quite good and convenient (even though most are poorly trained and I get more info from the net) Lighter Life require you to attend weekly meetings which are good if you want alot of support. and Exante is completely online. Both LL and EX have a greater choose of flavors then LT.

The most important part of any of these diets is to go onto the manufactures website read or watch the introduction video. Note the rules and stick to them rigidly. There are many many post in these forums from people asking, can I have this? can I add that? and if they had all watched the video they would know that the answer in most cases is no. Although you can "get away" with doing alot of naughty things I don't think its worth the risk.

VLCD are hard but the results are so quick and obvious its worth the hard ship. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST


I will do this...
Thanks for the replies.

I knew about Cambridge, Lighter Life and Lipotrim but hadn't heard of Exante however an add popped up after I had posted my question and I've had a look at their website.

I've spent all morning looking and I'm definitely going to go for it. I've decided that I'm going to go for Exante because it seems to be the one that will suit me the most - I can do it online, I don't need to go to something weekly which I've found doesn't work as well for me.

Thanks for your posts... I'm prepared for how hard its going to be but I'm just going to go for it.
Ill make sure I pop across to the Exante forums to see how your getting on ;)
Good luck Jen, the Exante products are a lot more palatable than LT and a lot cheaper. I don't know what the forum is like cos I stayed on here even when I used Exante for a couple of weeks, but if you've got any queries you can always come and ask here cos one VLCD is very much the same as another.....

Stick with it and before long you won't be embarrassed any more:D


I will do this...
Thanks :D

Thats my months pack ordered... here comes the hard work :D
Good luck Jenjen. I didn't put my stats on public view at first because i started at 306 lbs and i was mortified. I soon realised that i wouldn't be ridiculed for it here so i changed it to public on my profile.
I wish you lots of luck xx
Good luck Jenjen. I didn't put my stats on public view at first because i started at 306 lbs and i was mortified. I soon realised that i wouldn't be ridiculed for it here so i changed it to public on my profile.
I wish you lots of luck xx
And look how well you're doing Kate.....my new BFF! X

I can't wait until you girls have got the confidence to post some photos too.....we want to see how well you're doing :D


I will do this...
Thanks for everyone's replies :D

Well today is the start of day 4. I found last night the hardest - could have eaten the contents of the whole fridge last night if I hadn't have been so focused lol.

Wow Kate - your losses are great! Everyone is an inspiration on here :D
This is good to know JenJen, im guessing its just like LT.
I am from the uk but now live in Canada but decided to try Lt as my friend has done it and reccomended it. SO when i went back to uk in jan i got 3 weeks worth but thats all i have so this is more of a kick start than anything but lots of people have suggested Exante as it can be ordered online. (but not international postage) So i could get it but i would have to get it sent out to me by a family member... not so easy. Its good to know though that its working for you!!!!


I will do this...
Its working for me really well - my first weigh in day was yesterday and I lost 12lbs :D Very chuffed.

I hope you get something sorted out and goodluck :D
Brilliant - well done!

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Fantastic JenJen

Well done and keep it up! If you can make it through first couple of weeks rest is just routine!


I will do this...
Thank you both!

I love routine and it's slowly becoming that for me. It's day 12 for me and although I have the odd moment when it's hard I haven't felt like breaking.

I just need to stay focused :D

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