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I'm doing it, im off there today!


Back on the wagon!
Well done......that the first of the hardest steps. I looked at the AD in window for weeks before going in....keep on line here as the first week is tough but we'll get your through it!!


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Good luck Vic you will do great xx
Well done on taking the first step. Can you just go in and sign up? I'm thinking of heading to my local chemist on Monday and seeing what's what.


Wanna be....sexy!
Good Luck Vic,
Im on my second day,a mere novice but its worth the first step,it will be great when you lose the weight you wan:Dted to lose,think of the end result,thats what keeps me going and of course all the great people on here!
Well guys, ive took the plunge and I'm off to the chemist first thing.9am ill be outside lol.
Wish me luck, ill be on the road to being thin tomorrow yay!!!

Well done Vicky - go for it girl, It will be worth it in the end:)

The good folks on here will help if they can;)

Have you been yet come on tell us all about it:p
Haha Bea I did the exact same, I used to pretend I was looking at the window display cos I was embarressed about reading the add (I should have been more embarressed about being nearly 19st!!) and even the day I went to start I lost the nerve cos the chemist was full. God it really makes me see how shot my confidence must have been!
Let us know how you get on Vicky! There's a good post on here about chicken soup crisps you should have a look at!
Thanks guys for the soport,i went first thing when it wasnt full and they took me in the room so i didnt have to talk outside,they told me alittle about it and then weighed me and then thats it lol im on the road to a size 10 yay.
They sold me a shaker too and at £5 i hope it works lol.
So i start tomorrow,i was going to start on friday but i might chicken out till then so its next tuesday my first weigh in.
I currently weighed in at 17.8lbs :( lol 8lbs more than i thought.
So im in the gang LOL

Lol good luck hun...here goes xx
Wahey dude, welcome aboard. Proud of ya!
Be careful and don't shake hot liquids in the shaker, you'd be better getting a hand blender they are much better and prices start at a fiver upwards:) x
You're one of us now !
Keep focused on your goal and let nothing or nobody knock you !
Won't be long til people start noticing, its such a great boost for your confidence plus you will be feeling much healthier !
Fair play for taking the first step :)


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Welcome hun. Get through the first few days and then it will be a LOT easier.

Good luck.
Best of luck - you have taken one of the hardest steps, look forward to hearing how your getting on. x


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Awh im so happy ya bit the bullet and joined!
Be seeing a lot less of ya soon ;)
Well done on taking the first step , drink plenty of water , hot water if you get chilly !!!

Dont shake hot drinks in the shaker .....ouch !!!

I would start tomoro to be honest !
dont put it off any longer !

Well done and all the best for your first week xxx