I'm drawing a line under the past week and forgetting about it...


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Thanks for all the messages of support I have received following my postings today, and this is what I'm doing, :break_diet: I am going to draw a line and under thse past week and the binge eating, and do not ever want to visit that place again.

So here it is:-


Thats my line drawn and in place.

So tomorrow is the start of something new and positive, and I'm going to go for it hell for leather and no matter how much I moan/whine/complain I WILL LOSE THIS EXCESS 8 STONE, which is by the way the same weight a 2 Bens would be..now that is scarey.

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Jim Jam

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Way to go hun, great attitude. Good luck x


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Well done, sounds like you're really determined! I had such a bad week last week that i have 'started again' on body optimise.I had to laugh that there was even that option - there must be loads of us taking the scenic route!


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Well done for drawing a line under it. Good luck!!!! :D xxx


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LOL, I drew a line in my pregnancy diary earlier! Had a bad long weekend, but new week, new start!!



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Well done on the positivity Hun...keep at that!
You will loose that 8 stones, but dont look at it as having that much to loose...take every 7lbs as they come. If someone had said to me did I see myself as 7 stones lighter I could never imagine that one, but here I am! Yes, I have another 4 stones 10 to go, but here's to the next 7lbs!

Good luck!



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Well done for drawing a line (haven't read your other posts, but I can imagine why). We all go through our ups and downs, so hope to hear good news from you for next week :)