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Its Going To Be Long And Bumpy Road!:)

Hi everyone!

I have finally decided its time for me to stop nosing at other peoples diaries and start one of my own, However now I'm here I havent got a clue what I'm going to write! So to get the started I'll just introduce myself...

My name is Naomi, I live in Ireland and have very recently turned 21!:) For as long as i can remember i've been 'Big', however in the last couple of years, what with getting a boyfriend, starting college my weight has just skyrocketed!:(

I started Slimming world about 3 months ago, (starting weight 21:7!!:O) with a few friends and lost a stone in a month before I moved back home from college. i kept telling myself that i'd join a local group however without my friends for motivation i just never got round to it! now here we are 2 months later and while the weight is still off, the rest of it dont seem to be goin anywhere so, i've decided i'm going to go to a new group tomorrow night!

I'm absolutely petrified, but i know i've gotta do it! I have 2 holidays to look forward to, Spain in a month and a half, and then fabulous Australia for Christmas! thats my motivaton.

I have serious bad habits when it comes to weight loss. I cant bring myself to get out of bed in the morning to have breakfast and so dont usually have any!:break_diet: oops..
I also made the mistake of buying a set of scales and find myself jumping onto them morning, noon and night.. and a few times inbetween! :sigh:

But im drawing a line under all of the past and it all begins tomorrow!!

I can do this...I know I can. It's just going to take time & patience.

Bye for Now!!

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Good luck hun! Just get stuck in and give it your best shot. Oh - and keep posting! xx
Thanks Girlygirl! I plan too, thought it would be an extra bit of motivation/support!:) have been reading around and everybody just seems so supportive!:D

oohh and i love your name!:Dx
Day 1 (5th July 2011)!

Ok so the day didnt start off as well as i'd planned! wanted to get up and have a decent breaky, however woke up and decided i needed a shower so that took priority.. have a break now at 10 tho so may try and get some toast.. i dont usually like eating anythin at break tho, cause lunch is at 12! and i think the two are too close!:confused: lol...

Am going to my first group meeting tonight at half 5, which is grand cause its on my way home from work! am nervous to find out my official weight! in true fashion i jumped on the scales this morning to have a sneak peak, but i know they're never 100% right!

im at a bit of a loss as to what to get for lunch today! i usually get a brown bread sandwich, but then load it with coleslaw and chilli mayo! so much for trying to be good. plus if i have toast, does that mean i cant get a sandwich?!:confused: ah maybe i should just get soup!!

the weather is horrible today, and here was me planning a nice long walk this evening!! maybe somebody doesnt want me excercising?!:p

the other people in my house dont really understand/want to talk about slimming world.. so its nice t know that i have an outlet to write! am having great fun reading other peoples diary's at the minute! so inspiring!!:)

Will be back later anyways to write about my first group meeting and weigh in. :cry:

Hi Jelly-baby!

Best of luck with everything.
If you use bread as your Healthy B choice you get to have 2 slices from a small 400g loaf (something like Hovis Nimble) or one slice of the full size wholemeal. Otherwise it needs to be synned. Nimble is 2.5 syns a slice (they are small slices) or the full sliced bread is about 5/6 syns a slice.

Be careful with the soup too, unless it's homemade, there can be lots of hidden naughty stuff in it!
Hi PigCity!:) thanks for the post!
Yea i'm using the bread as my HEB, although i know if i get soup im gonna want something to go with it!
i've asked about the soups before, and the chef is actually doing SW aswell, he makes it syn free so he can have it for his lunch!!:D



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I can relate to people around you not understanding/wanting to understand SW. My flatmate is already a skinny min, and eats crap all the time. It frustrates me that she can eat crap and never gain weight. That said, I don't think there is ever a day when she eats 3 meals, whereas I need to eat all the time lol. Don't think I could survive on snack food for 2 out of 3 meals a day!!

Well done for getting back on it, and good luck for WI x
Hi PigCity!:) thanks for the post!
Yea i'm using the bread as my HEB, although i know if i get soup im gonna want something to go with it!
i've asked about the soups before, and the chef is actually doing SW aswell, he makes it syn free so he can have it for his lunch!!:D

That's fab, at least you don't have to worry! Sometimes I have some scan bran with my soup (you'll be able to get some at group). It's not the same as bread but it's gives you something to dunk into the soup and it's really filling too. They are 1 syn a slice or 5 for a B choice.
Thanks Maverick!
it can just be so frustrating sometimes! im still living at home, so when it comes to dinners its quite difficult! simple things like my mam insisting on using olive oil when cooking, instead of the frylight, make me so confused!

also, recently my OH has lost nearly 3 stone, so all the focus seems to be on him, wich is quite depressing!no-one seems to notice my 1/2 pound losses! sometimes it would just be nice for someone t give me some encouragement/notice that im losing something! awell!:)

i've a couple of friends like that, that can literally eat/drink what they want and i seem to gain the weight for them! can make youu quite resentful at times!:flirt2:

Thanks! am dreading tonight!!:(

Pigcity, is that the stuff that kinda looks like ryvita?! i kept meaning to try it! will have to get some tonight, just as an alternative for bread! i think that may be my downfall! i'd eat it with everything!!:rolleyes:

Thanks Jackie! Thanks for the post!
I am trying to stop eating it, it was my plan to go cold turkey without it but I'm a sucker for toast/sandwiches!!:(
But not anymore! Have decided it's all gone!!

Might go get crispbread or something to have with cream cheese for breaky tomorrow!:) No bread at all for me!:)

Thankyouu for the support! I really need it!:Dx


One day at a time, one step at a time
The most filling breakfasts for me are oat so simple original ( I stir in 1 tsp of golden syrup) which means its 1 syn plus 1 HEXB and 1 HEXA for the milk

or Two weetabix, milk, and 1/2tsp sugar and a banana (1/2 syn for the sugar) 1HEXB and 1 HEXA :)
I'm an awful one for breakfasts I must say!:/ never seem to have time, the need for sleep overtakes my need for food! That's another thing I've gotta change!! Must try a instant porridge that I can have at my desk!:Dx


One day at a time
Hiya Jelly

I've just found your diary! Hope your having a nice relaxing evening, I'll post more tomorrow as I'm absolutely shattered now! Boo xxx
Hiya Boo!!
I had a lovely evening! went for a nice long walk with my puppy! (well when i say walk, i mean me dragging her along!) hope youu had a good evening!:Dx

Hello Jackie!:)
I did indeed have breakfast this morning, well some sort of it anyway, i brought in a mullerlight yoghurt and ate it at my desk! not much but shur its a start!:)
Hope your having a nice stressfree day!:Dx

Meant to post this yesterday!
so i went to go join group and to weigh in yesterday, but i found out that they've moved the class to a monday evening, not tuesday like i thought!!:rolleyes: oops...
so instead im going to one tomorrow evening! its one that ive been to before, am not as nervous as i was about going into the last one, but i am scared that the consultant is going to give out to me for giving up last time! but i suppose that at least im going back!

oohh i knew i had a question to ask, is sparkling flavoured water free, or does it contain syns! i love it as an alternative to coke etc...

was feeling quite down and demotivated this afternoon, its star week and just wanted chocolate, so instead i decided to go shopping! i find that going shopping and looking at the clothes that i would love to wear helps me to refocus! i have a habit tho of buying clothes that are miles to small for me, saying that ill get into them one day!:/.. i really must stop!:rolleyes:

Food for today!

Breaky: Mullerlight Toffee Yoghurt

Lunch: 1/2 Brown Baguette(HEB), coleslaw (5) lettuce, sliced egg, cheese(HEA) (i wanted brown bread but they didnt have any, and i caved on the coleslaw!:rolleyes:)

Dinner: Baked Beans, 2 Fried Eggs, 2 Sausages(grilled) (4)

Snacks: 2 mini milks(3)

Syns: 12, i think, have a couple of things to check!



Breaky: Porridge (HEB), made with milk (HEA), sweetner and raisins.

Tea Break: tea, Milk (1.5)

Lunch: Salad plate, Slice of brown bread (6)

Dinner: thinking maybe either SW chilli or the cannelloni tubes.

Snacks: not sure yet!:)

Until Tomorrow!:)



One day at a time, one step at a time
Well done on brekkie :D

While I think to say raisins I believe have syns :( more than ie golden syrup. I find one small teaspoon of the value golden syrup (lasts ages) makes the porridge yummy for just 1 syn.

Are you following EE?

edited to add : well done re choccie. I buy the alpen lights for days like this :) or a curly wurly as you'll see from my diary :)

Some flavoured waters are syned. I buy tesco value sparkling water 16p and add flavour to it with sugar free squash, or slices of lemon.

Anyway proud of you for having breakfast. Its hard when not used to it but important as gets the metabolism going xxxxxc
Hope tmrw goes well and wouldn't worry what ur consultant thinks they will most likely be happy to see you. My consultant has seen me walk through the door a few times and has always been happy to see me back. Understand its hard having breakfasts I am same, I have started ensuring I have something and must say I do feel a difference, so keep going it will get easier.
ah damn, do raisins really have syns?! never mind i checked! just thought they'd be nice in with the porridge! will have t think of something else soo!:)

yea jackie, ive seen some people freeze their curly wurly's, i must try that! resisting chocolate in my house is unbelievably hard!! the place is full of it! will just have to pick what i have very carefully!:D

oohh and yea, im following EE! dont really understand the other ones!:D

hiya suki slim! thanks, i know im being over-dramatic it will all be fine tomorrow!!:D i really do have to try with the breakfasts, its just a matter of me getting out of my bed! these days im usually up at 7.20 and out the door by half!:) oops!:D