Im fat =(


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Yes as the title suggests , im fat , and if i keep going the way im going im going to do myself some serious damage , i weighed around 12 stone 2 years ago , now im almost 17 stone , anyhow im not in denile about it , but i had a serious reailty check on new years eve , i saw a Christmas photo of me and my family and i didn't even realize it was myself until i looked closer , i saw what i was becoming and it scared me to my very soul.

So today i decided enough's enough's , and im going to try Atkins ive read it all pretty much and im still a bit foggy about most of it , but i will post about that in a at the end. Im just extremely worried i will end up going back to my eating habbits , for example...

No Breakfast

No Lunch


High Caffeine drink...

Thats pretty much my diet , maybe if i have something in i will snack in between.

Back to the Atkins info so far , i looked at one of the sample menus and i made a few changes im just making sure this is ok..


Three-Egg Omelette


Beef round steak (8 oz)
Spinach and mixed salad with mushrooms and onions


Broiled salmon lemon and sesame seeds

Thats what i have for my first day this weekend.

So does that seem ok?

Well thanks for reading.

I just read my introduction again and noticed there was a atkins section if the site staff feel its better suited could you move it please.

Thanks Tony:]
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I have no idea if that is a good atkins meal but it is a very healthy selection there so well done on a good start

I have been learning a little about the beck diet solution in that it advocates listing all the advantages to you losing weight
and put them on an index card or two
then read it a couple of times a day at set times
then if you feel the need to eat again whip out the card read it and then decide what is more important to you

good luck with your plan


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S: 19st10lb C: 17st7lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 2st3lb(11.23%)
Yeah i thought it looked pretty healthy as well , i just hope it abides by the atkins guidelines. I really don't want to mess this up.

Thanks for response :]