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I'm finding it really hard now...


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I have been doing LL for about 16 weeks now. I have lost 5 1/2 stone in total and am really pleased with the results.

However, I am finding it harder than ever not to eat. Its not meals I am bothered about, its leftovers. I keep telling myself I am not a dustbin but the overwhelming urge to put something I shouldnt have in my mouth is consuming me!!!

I have looked back at old pictures, I have got the tape measure out and I start each day with determination, but its getting harder and harder.

I think its because I still have such a long way to go. I keep getting told how great I am looking and I am just about getting used to the new me. Obviously I want to keep going until I hit target, otherwise I will be just another fat bird who failed.

Nothing is working to keep the urges away.

Did any of you 'old timers' have this and what did you do to keep the little picker at bay? :break_diet:
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Oh yes

So hard Mel.
Squirt washing up on the left overs and put them straight in the outside bin.
If someone had eaten them they wouldn't be there so don't feel guilty about the waste.
For me it goes back to a lifetime of training to eat everything up - and I had a degree in that!
Stick with it girl. You are doing so well. You can conquer this feeling.
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Yep - get that food in the bin, or covered in washing up liquid post haste~!

Also, rather then focusing only on the amount of time left - use the thoughts of that time left to imagine your firends comments THEN- at the end ot it. IN other words, if htey think you look great now, imagtine how exciting and rewarding and amazing you are going to be at the END of your goal, not just halfway!! What a prize that will be, ay? To REALLY show them what GREAT GREAT GREAT looks like!!!

Keep visualising yourself there....spend more time looking at the end, in the sense of seeing your new slim gorgeou self, and what you will be able to have then!! ANd I am not referring to food.

Those things you are going to have at the end far out weigh what a bit of food would taste/feel like now. So, if you start feeling deprived, look ahead and picture yourself in a situation, slim and happy. That reallly distracted me and kept me on track.

You are going to get there Mrs. Just keep going! Before you know it it will ALL be behind you.



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Yes, definitely Mel. It is hard and it does have to be one day at a time.

You will come though this rough patch though. Think about setting yourself a weekly goal on the scales or in clothes or something.

Personally I found that very, very small goals which could be achieved (ticked off) each week or two were immensly motivating as I could measure myself against the notable points in my life - eg weight I got married, weight I was at the end of uni, weight I was when I had my first knee op, the 10% loss, 20% loss, 25% loss etc, then the 75lb, 100lb, 125lb weight losses, each stone and half stone from the starting weight etc etc.

At the end of it I had three or four mini goals within each stone bracket - which gave me a great long list to work down and helped me feel I was making real progress.

Keep strong. Use diversion tactics. Get someone else to clear the table while you have your soup or bar to avoid the temptation.

Hugs. xx


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I have just started a blog. I am hoping writing this will keep my thoughts in check. Im going to re-read my foundation book and pretend its the 1st day all over again. Im also going to re-read my early posts where I was young, fat and excited lol.

Thanks guys x


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Hey Mel hun

Can only echo what has already been said - the washing up liquid works a treat!! So do the mini mini goals :) I can add another tip - cheffy thing, we use vinyl gloves quite often at work (same kind docs and nurses use and you can get them at pharmacies) put those on your hands when touching food, or failing that just keep washing and drying your hands, so you have no food residue or smell on them at all!!

Keep hanging in there hunni bun, it will get easier and the end result is just so worth it. I know you can do this!!


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