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Red Days I'm getting fed up!


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I'm getting fed up of thinking up ideas for red lunches. I eat breakfast at 7.45ish and go to work soon after. I don't get a chance to eat anything till I get home. I get home just before lunch and I'm starved. I need something quick and easy to make and very filling. Any ideas please? I prefer to eat free foods too because I like to save my Hex Bs for cereal bars. :p I'm getting fed up of salads and omelettes.
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how about making a SW quiche the night before and having it for lunch when you get in? put some bacon, ham & veg in it?


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What about for a change doing the old mix-to-max plan? That way you could have a red breakfast and dinner, but a green lunch. As long as your snacks were superfree you could have jacket spuds, pasta salad, mugshots, noodles, bean salads, houmous or any number of green stuff for your lunch

I do agree that red day lunches are the hardest to do long term


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I made some yummy mini quiches once. Instead of using pastry like you would on a normal quiche you use a slice of ham and pour the mixture into it. They were soooo yummy, not sure why I haven't made them again yet! Might have to add the ingredients to my next shopping list! Or maybe some homemade soup of some kind.
I'm a usual Red day follower myself and have found these....

John West Moroccan Salad Light Lunch packs (ambient) 1 1/2 syns on red. Lovely with a small salad or on their own. Even if you are hungry and it doesn't quite fill you up, it's quick enough to eat when you come in whilst you decide what else to have!!!!

John West also do some tuna lunches too but, I've just checked, they are all over 3 1/2 syns. Personally, I prefer to use my syns on chocolate!!!

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How about preparing something the night before, so that when you do get home just before lunch you can just re-heat it in the microwave?
I have roasts, full cooked breakfasts and all sorts. I prefer Red days as they seem to suit me better. Just plan in the evening and you will be fine and will have a decent meal in your tum!



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smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is always a good one! (i just literally stick the eggs in the microwave no milk or butter!)
another good one is salad (I buy ready made bags even though it's not very cost effective) drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top and add some pre cooked chicken. Theres lots of free chicken but I personally love M&S's tomato and basil - it's only half a syn a box and delicious!!
how about a stir fry?? i do lots of those too xx:eek:


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Roasts are so versatile as you can use the meat for so many things afterwards. So if you make the Roast the night before you can have that for dinner, next morning use the chicken breast and add it to a salad and use your pasta as a HEB. Take another piece of the chicken another day and just make a baked potatoe (HEB), another day you can make some chicken noodle soup (although maybe not the right weather), make some coronation chicken. You get my point one roasted chicken can go a long way :)

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