I'm going back on CD on Saturday!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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I had a fantastic Wedding and Honeymoon in New York, don't think I've put too much weight back on thankfully!!

We didn't eat toooo much and walked everywhere which I think helped a hell of a lot!!!

Anyone want to see any photo's???!!!!! :eek:

Congratulations Mrs...

Nice to see you back. Are the photos available soon?

Dizzy x
silly question of course we want to see piccies!!!

So glad you had a fab time.........I am getting married in 75days time!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on then show us the pics!

Lou X
Oooh Congratulations Gem :D

What kind of question is that! course we wanna see the photo's :p
Here are a couple -
(hope it's worked!!)

Gemx :D


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Ahh Gem,
You look amazing so happy, love your dress :D and what a fine couple you make :p

congratulations again :D