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im gonna do it my weigh!!


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Hello, another diary started just hope this one can keep me on track. For the last year i have followed the SW plan without any success at all, in fact im now heavier than i was when i started. In 2012 i followed the Dukan plan which is excellent and i managed to lose a couple of stone but ive let things slip and need to get my backside in gear and sort myself out otherwise im gonna be back to square 1.

The class in on a Thursdays night so ill be joining up tomorrow, deep breath, lets get this party started!!

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Been to class and bought the monthly pass, im a bit confused ive paid a tenner and ive had to put the credit card details on the website , hope i haven't paid twice!!

Come away from class with books bars and loads of stuff to read. This week im going to do the simple start booklet. Just hope it works for me, ill give it a month and see how i do. x


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well had a peak on the scales this morning and ive not lost anything, still a few days to go till weigh in, shouldnt have done it, its messing with my head now!! Maybe starting the points next week will be better.

plan for today

B ww thin with chicken
L turkey cottage pie (from last night)
D salt and pepper turkey steaks with salad and rice
S satsumas, apple, pear, ww bar,


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Couldnt stay to class on Thursday as we were off to the hospital, just picked up the folder and booklets, im totally confused, i dont know what im doing or if im doing it right.

Went out yesterday with a groupd of mates that i met on MM on the Dukan pages. Had a fab day but not sure if ive blown it for the week. The meal i had was 27 points thats my whole days allowance plus 3 glasses of wine no pudding or starter but then theres the 49 points for the week, argh!!! confused.com
Calm! Wine is 3-4 points per glass. How many other points did you have yesterday? Add them all up (don't feel bad if it's high, I had 57 yesterday!). Take 26 off of it and then take the rest off of your 49.

Today you have another 26 points and then whatever's left from your 49 - easy :)

Do you have the app? It's a godsend x

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