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Im gonna have a major rant!


Will be thin god dammit!!
As many of you know I haave been doing SW for about 18 weeks or so now and started off doing rather well - losing 1 and a 1/2 stones.:D
I even had a week in Florida with a 2lb gain which I managed to shed straight away the next week.:p
I have then had some iffy weeks of sts and little gains.:(
Last week I was off on holiday to sunny Scotland in a caravan and totally off plan, having thrown my scales in the bin a couple of weeks ago to stop constant weighing Im not sure exactly what my gain will be at WI tonight but Im kinda thinking of 3 ish lbs. :cry:
I came back from the caravan on saturday and have proceeded to stuff my face like a little piggy, have the worst star week in the history of me and argue constantly with my OH.
I CANNOT get myself back on track!
It isnt helping that we are mega skint after hols and so have been for no shopping this week and are trying to eat whats in the house ( none of which is SW friendly)
Im just so down and unmotivated at the mo!
Sorry just needed a vent x
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Aw Jen, don't let it get you down. You have had two lovely holidays and may have gained a bit - so what?! You've got 10-11 months until the next holiday season to recover and then some :)

If you are finding it hard to get back on plan, have a think why that is - are you happy the weight you are now? If so, then it's fine to stop SW, it's noone else's benchmark but your own.
If not, then write a list of all the reasons you don't want to stay how you are, and a list of all the reasons you DO want to be slimmer. Have a look at people's pics (ElleBear put stunning before / now photos up a few days ago) and remind yourself that this is all possible if you want it!

I am sure it will get easier once you can have a decent SW shop and plan your meals better - and if not, come and have another rant and we'll verbally spank you :) :)
Awww, Moominface. Big hugs for you. Don't worry about any gain today, you will be able to get things right back on track when the kids go back to school and you get back to a normal routine. Star week and rows are enough to be dealing with, let alone not being able to go shopping. Take a deep breath or five, and stop giving yourself a hard time, in the bigger scheme of things this week/fortnight won't make any difference and will soon be forgotten about.

You can do this, and things will right themselves again xxxx
First of all dont worry and dont beat yourself up. I did exactly the same and let it carry on so that I gained most of what I put back on - self destruct or what!! So I decided just to start again and not try to get back on plan. I did it like I was spanking new in the class, used the book, wrote it all down and the same week as starting that I went from doing +2s to -1.5 :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - Its just so pap when you feel this way isnt it?
I had another nightmare on Saturday night, went out thinking i looked the bee's knees then saw a friends pics the next day and i still look like a lump of lard :(
Even with 1.5 stone off im still looking the same and that stinks!
You do NOT look like a lump of lard. Firstly, lard is rectangular, and wrapped in greaseproof paper. We never see ourselves as others see us and we are always extra mega hard on ourselves more than anyone else would ever be when scrutinising ourselves. Think about this, because it has an awful lot to do with how successful we can be at losing weight. Would you say out loud to someone else who was overweight and trying to lose the extra "My god, you bloater! You look like a total lard arse! Shame on you for letting yourself get that way!!"
No of course you wouldn't, because you are a lovely person, and you know that your words would destroy their self-esteem, probably ruin their efforts to lose and completely spoil and denigrate the great losses they had already achieved.

So what makes you so different that you would treat yourself so cruelly? We all do it, but we need to stop and think, and maybe, just maybe start being a bit kinder to ourselves, because if we don't, all we are doing is giving ourselves permission to sabotage our efforts and justify that way of thinking, and reinforcing our own lack of self esteem by fuelling our negative sides and giving it more ammunition to work with.

You ARE gorgeous, you ARE beautiful, and you ARE worth it. And you shouldn't let anyone, let alone yourself, tell you otherwise.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ok now Im blubbing like a baby.........
Oh Moomy. You are an amazing person, and someone i would be so proud to introduce to people as my friend, and I am sorry if I made you cry, but i just want you to be able to see how special you really are and start to see yourself as others see you and treat yourself as you would treat others.

We ALL do this. It's how we ended up here. And to fix it, we have to start working on fixing ourselves, not just body, but mind and soul too. They all need to work together, to help us get where we want to be.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (sorry again)
Wanted to say something positive to you Moomintrollin, really feel for you - but reading the brilliant replies so far I can only say what a great gang you all are, and lucky you, Moominface to have such a network of friends. Smile now knowing you have friends rooting for you. Smile, knowing that you will get back on the plan in earnest soon. You've been there before and know the great feeling you get from it. Good Luck & keep smiling you've done great so far.:D
Hiya am just bring nosey reading throught these threads, but there was some lovely things said and even motivated me

just keep smiling and try to keep motivated

but most of all remember your friends words that -

You ARE gorgeous, you ARE beautiful, and you ARE worth it. And you shouldn't let anyone, let alone yourself, tell you otherwise

try to have a great day and dont let anything get u down x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - Im actually quite happy to report only a 1.5lb gain which considering what ive had is nothing sshort of a miracle!
first u have the coolest name in the world, i call my bf mattie moomin and have a moomin tshirt.
second u have come so far and done sooooo much . we all have off times, just start urself off on a fresh page and keep track and eat sw foods. ur other half is having his man period!!!


The Original Honey!!!
Aww hun it's not good when your diet mojo leaves for his hols just when you need him the most. I'm sure he'll come back full of beans and help you have a big loss next week including getting rid of that that teeny tiny gain you had.

Chin up hun

1.5 pounds, 1.5 schmounds, that'll be off in a few days AS SOON AS YOU GET BACK ON PLAN ;)
You need to be a bit selfish and have a bit of "me" time to re-focus.

Run yourself a nice bubble bath have long soak and chillax :0bathtime: then pamper yourself by doing a manicure & pedicure.

Go and sit on your own somewhere quiet and re-read your SW books, it's amazing what you "forget".

Good luck :cross:


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks ladies - sat last night an made my shopping list - due to lack of funds til end of month its a bit sad looking but i can handle pasta and veg for the cause!
All your lovely words have helped me give my head a shake and im back on the straight and narrow x

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