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I'm icky


a new way of living!


nearly there!! :)
sorry ur feeling crappy hope u feel better soon xxx


Trying to stay healthy!
orrr poor you ms b!! cwtchy (welsh for cuddle) up on the sofa, rest and watch rubbish tv! oh and drinks loads of water!
hope you feel better soon!!


a new way of living!
thanks guys - still feeling rough today and feel like i have been blowing my nose on sand paper! its so sore now.

also started coughing up green slime. (tmi)

working like a dog and change jobs next week, just hope i feel better soon.

gonna sulk with a hot drink for a bit. :(


always lurkin around!
poor u msblonde i hate havin a cold although u sound like it could be a chest infection with u coughin up nasty green stuff.hope u feel better soon hun xx


a new way of living!
thanks sweet heart, Its that time of year again i guess. just emailed work asking if they can cover any of my calls as i am working my notice i dont want to call in sick, seems wrong somehow. they are also really short staffed with 2 other carers on holiday.

i'm sure it'll pass in its own good time.

just finished a night shift and going back to bed.


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