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I'm New and Starting today!!

Hey All,

I am starting my LT journey for a second time today. I started LT for the first time back in Dec 07. I got married last July at a reasonable weight but since then i have gone crazy and let myself go! I am 6lbs off the starting weight i was when i started LT for the first time!! I am humillated and have been avoiding all my friends cos if they saw me they would be thinking "I told you so" I did the diet totally wrong the first time, I never did the refeed properly and would constantly have weekends off and restart on the monday! I think it messed me up and now i seem to put on weight so easily. At the beginning of the year i decided to try diet and exercise which just didnt work for me, i was sticking to my calories and going to the gym 5/6 times a week but in three weeks only lost 2lbs!!! So have given that up!!!!

My husband wants me to stick to the diet and exercise but i cant stand to only lose a lb here and there when i know that i can get the bulk of my weight off within a few weeks on LT!! (hopefully!)

Today I start at something like 13.11lbs. I really want to do it this time and do it right! I plan to check in on here everyday. I hope you can all help support me on my mission :)

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Hi Liz. Good luck! There is loads of support on here and just think you did this before you're strong enough to do it again!!! xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya and welcome back!

It is sooo important to do the diet properly and follow it to a T

And the refeed is probably the most important part of all!


Size 14 here i come!
Hi and welcome back and good luck. I did the same, didn't bother doing refeed properly, although i did try but i really didn't like the refeed products so it all went a bit Pete Tong! lol
Hi Liz, the maintaining is definately the hardest bit!! I've been there so many times now only to regain but like you say i would always start on the monday and eat like mad all the other times lol.
Good luck, see you around the site x
Good luck! xx


on the up lol
Heya and welcome, good luck :)
HI Liz, started the lipotrm my self today again. I did the lipotrim two years ago kept the weight off for year got pregnant. Had my baby in Nov 2009. started diet in January first did the lipotrim 5 days lost 9lb but put 4 lb back on even tried exercise and eating smart.
I started the LT again today just like you i want results fast. I hope you stick to it. Im going to keep a dairy my firt page states why im doing this diet and the way i feel.
Hi i'm starting back tomorrow. I cannot seem to get past day 14???
Here's to a new you, I hope we all get through the rough patches. I really do not want to do lipotrim again after this, so i'm going to take it one day at a time.keep drinking your water, good luck.x
Thats all :) Good to see there are people in the same boat as me! I need to do it this time! I have no other option than to do this!! Last chance so to speak! Good luck to everyone today :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good luck on your journey Lizzie, and I do hope this is the last time for you.

Keep to the rules - 100% LT and no food and drink your quota of water! Refeed is so important and Maintenance is by far the mist important and hardest of all; this is the place we all long to be as we cant keep using LT for ever to sort us out - eh!

You will find so much support on here! Just keep jumping on and do hope your first week goes smoothly (with the cold hands and smelly breath to boot)!!

Take care
Hey All,

Just wanted to let you know i am still hanging in there! On day four now :) The first three days were ok. I havent been able to get to sleep easily though but i hope it will be better tonight! At night its when my stomach rumbles terribly! It amazes me what we go through to get to ketosis! Its no easy ride!

Not sure if i am in ketosis yet but hopefully its close! I am a bit worried about the weekend, not because i might be tempted, but more so because only my hubby knows i am on this diet and i dont want to tell anyone else! I am going to my mums on sat and i prey to god she doesnt trying and force feed me! Ha!

Well, good luck everyone... hope your all doing ok :)
Have you got the cold feet and smelly breath yet? :p

Lol urgh, sounds awful when you write it down :jelous:
Yep most deffinately! Husband is constantly telling me to roll over and not touch him in bed! :( So sad! lol. To be honest i do put my ice toes on him on purpose to watch him jump... the annoying food eating git!! lol

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