I'm new! Changing from LL to CD


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Helooooo :D

Well I've been well and truly let down by my LL counsellor so am switching to CD and meeting my counsellor tonight, really looking forward to trying out some new flavours.

Been doing LL for 11 weeks and have hit target weight and have bmi of 22 so feeling pretty good. But I'm terrified of starting to eat conventional food, I'm sure the counsellor will give me some tips!

One thing.. can I have a cup of tea (with skimmed milk in)? I'm absolutely sick and tired of black coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone can recommend any of the pack flavours, any help, recommendations, etc, greatly appreciated!!

Nice to "meet" you all by the way!
Sarah x
welcome sarah xxc


Well done you on 11 weeks of LL xx
I did Cd last year a bad counsellor but I did lose 2st 9lbs in 9 weeks,I stopped as I moved house and got stressed :eek:
I lived on Chicken and Mushroom soup and Milkshakes.
You'll soon be at target .
Welcome to MINIS you'll love it here there is so much support
Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your new plan.
hey sarah

im also changing to CD next week, i have all my packs and am raring to go...just finishing LL this week as its my week 14....cant wait to try all the new flavours...hope it goes well for you....
Hi there I did two weeks on LL and then changed to CD. Have no regrets as I did not like the compulsary classes and did not get on with the limited flavours on LL.At the end of week 5 I had lost 2 stone and 1lb:)

Hi Jack29 well done you on your weight loss :D wohoooooooo xx
Did you not have to carry on paying the LL fees as you signed a contract to do and pay for 14 weeks?Just wondered as thats what someone said?
ive lost 3 stone 9 up to yet!!!
i dont think its a legally binding contract that u have to stay for the full 14 weeks..although to show your commitment we had to pay weeks 1 & 14 up front..i dont know if thats standard across the board!!!???
Hiya chick
Have heard once before of someone having to pay the first week up front. Maybe it was the same counsellor!!
Sure I'm right in saying that the only people who have to pay upfront are 'returners', and they pay 4 weeks up front. show's commitment etc...

Jack, good for you, the more people that tell the lighterlife counsellors why they are swapping over to cd ie the price, maybe the 'big boys' might do something about it. It's a shame because lighterlife is a great programme, but the price is just a 'no no' for so many people.:rolleyes: