I'm new here, although been doing it 6 weeks!!


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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, although I have been doing CD for a good 6 weeks now! I've managed to lose 24lbs, which aint alot compared to some losses, but I only had about 4 stone to lose.. I am now 2lbs away from being halfway!!! I get weighed tomorrow so I bet I will well past halfway :)

It will be nice to get to know you all, some of you I know from the main CD forum, but it will be nice to meet some new faces!! :p

Bambi xx
hello Bambi,

six weeks in and 24pounds loss you must be VERY happy, keep on going and it wont be long till target.:)
Congratulations Bambi!!!

24lbs. is brill to have that much off and good luck with your weigh in tomorrow!!!

Wonderful to have the feeling of being half way there.

Love Mini xxx
It sure is a good feeling, I don't feel any different though- it's weird! Obviously I've dropped a dress size so far (I am quite tall, so I think it must take more to register on me- that's my theory lol!), but I still feel the same!

I had always promised myself a 'treat' when I got to 12st, but now I'm there I really don't want to! I've decided to just eat at Xmas now, then get straight back onto SS!! It could all go wrong I know, but I have faith in myself as I have been so close to temptation already and not slipped.. as i want this sooooooooooo much!!

Hi Bambi

Welcome to minimins and well done on getting to halfway!

This website is so good, its supportive, motivating, inspiring and amusing! Will help u through the second half :D
Hi Bambi,

Size 12....lucky you!!!

I think you still should reward yourself with a treat but make it non food!

Something to mark the occassion of being half way.

I think if your going to eat for Christmas make sure you have a plan and then do your best to stick with it.

What height are you?

I am 5' 4"...always wanted to be taller but that is as far as I grew:)

Love Mini xxx
Hey Mini!!

Bloody hell, no I mean 12 stone- not size 12! I can dream!!

I have just been able to fit into a 14, but there's still a bit of tummy overspill! Lol!

I am 5'10, so I carried the extra weight kinda well, although I looked pregnant with my paunch!! All my friends at Uni are your height, so teeny next to me, I feel like the Jolly Green Giant next to them.

I 'treat' myself every week with make up and hair stuff! Such a good excuse! I've yet to buy any clothes, except a teeny t-shirt that looks crap at the moment, and a pair of size 14 jeans from River Island that aint getting past my bum yet!! It's weird though as I can fit into a New Look size 14. I hate how all shops vary.
Well done on your loss so far, Bambi! Great to have you onboard! :D
Thanks Bambi - and I finally reached my goal weight today .. although have been there or thereabouts for the past month or so :)

Being the world's worst-ever dieter (until I found CD anyway), I really do believe if I can do it anyone can :D
Hi Latina 24lbs is Great, well done you, I too promised myself treats, and sometimes food ones but then didnt want them when i hit my mini goals

Mini is right, set yourself a plan for Christmas, you dont want to break for a day or so and for it to last till June lol!!!!

I can remember getting to the half way point, I gave myself a huge pat on the back for getting that far and carried right on.

You go girl x
err..I actually think 24lbs in 6 weeks is a bloody good loss!!!!!!!

Well done
Hiya ! andwelcome to Minimins :D

FAB loss in just 6weeks...well done you !

keep up the good work...



24lbs is excellent, and only 2lbs until half way?? I think thats fab! Keep it up and you'll be posting about you being at goal soon enough!! :)