I'm new....starting CD SS tomorrow...hopefully!!


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Hi, just thought I'd post here and introduce myself a bit since I intend starting this thread, which will become my diary, to motivate my self!!

I'm 25, single mum to my 6 year old daughter. I have a massive 6 - 7 stone to lose and would really like to lose as much as possible before Christmas, just to see the look of shock on my parents face and be able to buy nice clothes that actually look nice on!!

I havent got a true goal weight, I am hoping I will get to a point where I am happy & healthy and be able to use that weight, but want to be down to at least a size 14 by Christmas....and then want to be able to fly around on rollerblades with my daughter in the summer, and buy a really nice outfit for my friends wedding in July!!

Anyway, I know from browsing the site that you alll have some really good ideas...so if any of you ccan pass some survival tips for my first few days please please do so!!

Hope to chat to you all soon.....
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Purple Hugs

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Hi Kazz,
reduce your carbs today is one tip..
don't be afraid to post failures or successes along the way.. and remember we are ALL human! ;) And most of us have the same ups and downs. :)

the first 3 days you will be hungry.. so ignore it! just drink and remember the goal to get into ketosis.. :) this will stop the hunger.
Some of us have mental hunger.. where we feel we NEED to eat.. even when not hungry.. ignore that too! lol just remind yourself of what you're trying to achieve and that your body is tricking you! ;)

Other than that.. visit us! lol that's the other piece of advice i'd give you! And you're doing that already! :p

You really will see results and be runnign around more with your daughter much sooner than the summer!

Dont' forget.. it IS possible to lose 7 stone. I didn't believe i'd manage it when I started.. and now under 3 stone away I realise I CAN actually do it!
You can too! ;)



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Welcome Kazz, lovely to have you with us!

Hi Kazz,

There is two ways of doing today before starting tomorrow.

One is to have the last supper and the other is to cut down on carbs and whilst which ever you do chose as it is a personal choice...start drinking water today as it will ease you in to it as it does take a while to get your water intake up.

Take it easy for the first week or so and give your body time to adjust.

Don't tell too many people you are doing it to start with...they will see the results in a few weeks time themselves.:D

This is a journey and a time to learn new ways of dealing with Stress and change old habits.

Your first months you can have a weight loss between one and one and half stone.

And a stone a month after that.

You will see a big change in yourself by Christmas.

Be sure to measure your neck, bust, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, upper arms, fore arms and wrists.

Take some photos as your mind can play tricks on you and it is only by looking at the photos of yourself you can see the real difference.

Good luck on your weight loss journey and I look forward to reading it and see how you get on.

Be sure to ask if you need help as we all need help from time to time and I feel myself getting help and support from members who know what it is like makes all the difference.

Love Mini xxx


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reducing my carbs today wont be hard since I have had nothing to eat cos I had a wee hangover from a posh party last night! Been drinkin water by the bucketload!! Any ideas for something low carb I could eat this evening? I would love a chinese but I know thats not an option!!


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I have started, stopped, started and stopped for the past 4 weeks.

I am now 100% focussed and am also starting (again)tomorrow.

It is an awesome diet, in my first 10 days I lost 20lbs and thought I would have a little treat (wrong choice i know now!) and have piled it all back on over the last few weeks.

Now dont get me wrong, I am not an alcoholic, but I enjoy a drink now and then. This is one of the hardest parts I find on the diet. I am sure I am not alone here?

So basically just to say, I am with you and wish you luck. I have about 5 stone to lose, and based on other successful losers, I expect this to take about 12 weeks, just in time for Christmas.

I have regularly been on to the site to see hw others are doing, usually whilst eating a sandwich or something! but this time is for real. No more nibbles/treats if I lose a bit of weight. Full steam ahead to goal.

:D :D :D


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To be honest, I dont plan on telling ANYONE that I am doing it!! MY daughter knows, but only cos she had to come with me to my counsellor, and besides, I needed to explain to her what was going on. I shouldnt have a problem with the water, as I drink quite a lot anyway, but as Neco says, alcohol can be my downfall...so I've signed my daughter up for swimming esssons at 9am on saturday mornings so I cant drink on the friday nights!! I have a couple of nights out coming up and have already told people I will be driving to them, so thats sorted out as well. After mini me is in bed tonight, I'm gonna take some pics and save the worst one as my screen saver on my computer (at home not work!) so that when I turn it on I'll be reminded why I'm doing this!! I'm quite excited now....the idea of being able to FIT into rather than SQUEEZE into a drop dead gorgeous outfit is so appealing!! I have just discovered a weight loss diary section, so I may move my lil diary to there!!


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Hiya Kazz, and welcome to that mad world of CD!!!!!

You have taken a major step in deciding to start and the next major step is the first 5 days, when you get over that you will be rockin, stick with it its worth it!!!!!!!!

My diary thread from day 1 is on weight loss diaries, think its called, weather and memories, my diary from day 1 at the mo, but Im going to rename it, weigh in tomorrow, my diary from day one, as I get weighed in the morning!!!! Please feel free to give it a read as it will tell you how the first few days went for me, I am usually around if you want to message me if you have any questions and if you want a general chat.

Well done on your first step, cannot wait to hear how you do x


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Hi Kazz,

You can eat chicken, steak, turkey, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus and all non starchy veggies.

You could have still manage to low carb when eating out in a Chinese restaurant if you chose things like.

Clear thin soups as the thicker ones will have cornflour added.

Steamed food including fish and tofu and your veggies.

Stir fry dishes , they would be pretty low.

Walnut chicken

Egg Foo Yung without the gravy

Chicken and mushrooms.

Szechuan prawns.

As for the sauces if they are thick and sweet stay away.

Let your taste buds and eyes tell you:D

Sometimes if you have a craving for something you would really like before starting the diet it is best to get it out of the way and then make a commitment to leave it there until you get to goal.

Love Mini xxx

Purple Hugs

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As mini said.. but you could just have what you want and know it's your last for a while! ;)

If you like meat, then a pile up of meat and some veggies is a good thing. :) meat or fish have no carbs... it's the sauce or flavouring they are covered in that does (if it's not plain of course).


Good Luck!!!

Being new to the forum and after reading Kazz's thread, i just wanted to say you sound exactly like me, im 25 and want to be a comfortable size 14. :)
Last year i paid my doctor a visit and to my horror i was 8stone overweight!!! :eek: from Sep05 to Aug06 i tried every diet and weight loss programme and lost 3 stone, but still a heavy lady i needed something to really keep me on track and something that worked!!!
I came accross the CD through my mum who had success with the diet, so I started the CD knowing i had 5stone to loose, i never thought i would come close and as Kazz & Neco have mentioned having a few drinks with friends and family was always my weekness, im a lover of the occasional curry and chinese also :rolleyes: i never thought i would be able to give that socal life up. BUT i did and as of day 1 of CD i set myself a target to loose the 6stone and so far in 7 weeks iv lost 2stone 3lbs, and still going strong.:) iv dropped from a size 20 to 16.
All i can say is follow the diet by the book and you will see "Fast" results, its the best feeling in the world when you no longer fit into your cloths because they are TOOOOO BIGGGG
:D its a great diet and its proven to work.
the first 4 days i found the hardest but keep telling yourself why your doing it and before you know it the first week would be over and your see your first weight LOSS!!!

good luck with your first day Kazz and Neco, just remember we are all capable of loosing weight and having the will power.

all the best.