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Im new to this forum and to CD


hi all. this is my 1st time on a weight loss forum. I need to lose about 6 stone - or whatever it takes to be a size 12 instead of size 20.

Ive unsuccessfully tried Herbalife but ive been reading about CD and think the fast results will keep me motivated but i am very worried at the thought of not eating. I find food very social (hence size 20) and cannot imagine how i will survive. I can definately do two packs a day and have a proper carb free meal but not sure about total abstinance. Also I like the idea of at least eating on a sat/sun evening. Is that a bad idea - will it stop CD from working? any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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Hi, it really depends what plan you are doing.

When I started CD I needed to lose 6 stone, I am doing sole source which is 3 packs per day, 4 if you are 5ft 8 or over.

8 Weeks in and I have lost 2 stone.

I really can't help you with the other plans as I don't know much about them at the moment.

Good luck on your CD journey:)


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there are different plans. there is the sole source plus plan which is three packs a day and a very low cal low carb meal in the evening. people seem to have chicken kebabs or something. or there are other plans that involve food. you are supposed to have all three shakes each day in any case hon, whether you do ss plus or not to get all your nutrients...

make an appointment to see a cdc and they will tell you all about it. the cambridge website will tell you your local counsellor.

abz xx


I'm doing SS+ and find that being able to have a 200cal meal in the evening helps. It gets easier as you go through the weeks. Good luck with whichever plan you choose - it's definately worth the effort!
Hi and welcome,

I had exactly the same worries as you are about not eating at all, I love my food especially when it involves socialising and am a real all or nothing girl. The thought of not eating anything was just mad!

However I am just coming to the end of my second week of just shakes and feel I have never made a better decision.

This week especially I have realised that I don't need to eat to be social. We have been for a day out, a friends bbq, burgerking and a play group end of term thing with lots of yummy cakes, not once have I been tempted. (and believe me I have failed just about every other diet going).

What has kept me going is the thought that if I stick to it 100% I will get to the end quicker and be able to enjoy food again sooner (in moderation this time is the plan!)

No one else can tell you what is the best option for you only you can decide, have a chat with a CDC and see what you think is best for you.

Good luck with whatever you decide, keep us updated x


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Lizzy is absolutely right. also, you may find that by not eating at all, all of your bad habits come to light!! the amount of eating without thinking i used to do!! you suddenly realise that you want something, but you aren't hungry, but it's habit for you to grab a snack at this time, whilst watching a film, while reading a book, while bored... so i think it really helps with highlighting what you need to work on when it comes to maintenance. at the end of the day, this diet is fantastic for getting rid of the weight fast and for working on your problems but if you don't get your head around why you put weight on, you will put it all back on regardless of what diet to you. the beauty of this is that you lose fast to keep you motivated and then as you move up the plans you work on why you put weight on in the first place!!

abz xx


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Good luck with whatever you decide do:)

As others have said the best thing would be for you to contact a CDC and discuss the options with them. There are lots of different steps on CD apart from abstinance - SS+, 810, 1000, 1200 & 1500.

Maybe you could start on a higher one and gradually work down so that its not such a huge change.

CD SS is tough but the results are so worth it.

Take care
Welcome to CD!

The CD is absolutely great for losin the weight, as i'm sure you can see other people losses. But i think it is important that choose the right plan for you by speaking to a CDC.

I'm on SS which is hard but you do see the results, but on SS+ you tend to lose a fair bit aswell 9judging by others weight loss).

Good luck with it hun, with what ever plan you choose to follow. We are all here to support you on your way. Let us know how you get on.
Hiya hun, just wanted to say good luck with cd if you go for it. I think everyone has said pretty much everything, if you did want to have a small meal you could do one of the higher plans.

becky xx

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