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I'm not going to be fat and 50!!


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I've been umming and aring about starting a diary on here and as I've not been very good about keeping my diary in the evenings at home I thought I'd give ot a try and hope this keeps me on track.:eek:

As you may have gathered form the title of my diary Im approching the big 50:sigh: Around ten years ago I dettermind not to be fat and 40...I was :sigh::sigh:
I've tried most diets over the years and should have shears in 2 of the main slimming clubs with the amount of times I've joined them. Im not saying thier diets don't work..They just didn't work long term for me.
I am the first to addmit I have a sweet tooth but I am an emotional eater..Say the wrong thing to me and I'll grab the chocolate..I wish it were the lettuce leaf but the chocolate wins every time. I couldn't even tell you why I eat so much when I'm upset..The fact that eat so much when I'm down upsets me but I just keep eating!!
I've stard doing the JUDDD diet and up untill this week I was doing well (11lbs in 3 weeks). We've been eating out a lot this week, invites from family and friends. I did start to panic that I was losing control but I v'e now calmed down and descided that I'll just pick up where I left off on Monday. I don't want to start beating myself up and going over board completely.
I'm ging to watch what I eat between now and Monday and just be sencible. I'll keep you up to date with how I do ;)
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