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I'm not hungry.


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I've been having trouble these last few days. I'm just not hungry. I wake up and think ooh I'm not hungry, so will just have a drink and my vitamin. Then I'll be too busy at work for lunch, get home tired and not hungry enough for dinner. There were two days this week when I had about 3 slices of ham over the course of 2 days!
I know this isn't right and it's not healthy. I also know that I won't lose any weight whilst I'm not eating. I desperately want to eat - I had a barbecue last night and only ate 1 burger!

Please tell me what I am doing wrong - is it going to be a case of force feeding myself to get my stomach used to more food again? I've got myself into a pickle! At the minute I still feel brilliant, and look healthy. I also went to the docs for something unrelated on Tuesday and he did a check up whilst I was there - I am good and healthy.

Every time I eat something I feel full after about a handful of food. If I eat more than that I feel sick. I know it's not a psychological thing - I want to eat! I want food! But my body is telling me I'm full when I can't be!
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Hi sophie - sounds like the ketosis to me. I do think that you will have to have 3 small meals a day though to make sure you are getting all the right vits needed, if i was you i would start with light salad's and veg and slowly introduce the heavy rich foods once you feel like them. I do kinda know how you feel, right now i'm not hungry at all and i think i could go all day now without wanting or needing to eat but i still tend to eat my 3 meals as i know that its needed or like you say we wont lose weight because our body's go into starvation mode and store fat if we don't eat enough fuel.

Good luck, hope it all sorts itself out soon xx
Sophie, I am the same. I've not been hungry since I started this diet, the times I eat, I do so from either boredom, or purely mechanical 'its time to eat'. The feeling sick bit is a bit worrying. Can you possibly have six 'handful' meals a day?


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How are you today Saddlebag? I wonder if the feeling sick bit is ketotis flue as well. I find I have very little hunger & eat a meal because it's 'meal time.'
I'm like most of your guys. I'm not really hungry 90% of the time I eat but I do because I need the fuel. Maybe it's ketosis not sure but I'm never really hungry at all.


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Sadly I am always hungry but my OH experienced something like that on Atkins. He just tried small portions of his very favourite protein-y foods and it soon passed.

The few times I've felt a bit sickly on Atkins, I've tried exercising and drinking more water, and that seems to help too.

Hope you feel better soon x


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Thanks so much guys - it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who isn't hungry!

I ate a bit more yesterday, and felt really queazy. I did loads of exercise which made me a little hungry so I did have quite a bit of smoked salmon!

I think one of the problems is the lack of variety in my diet. I need to experiment more so that I can make things really delicious that I want to eat. No wonder I'm not hungry when I've been eating the same foods for 3 weeks!

I put a casserole in the slow cooker last night so I'm going to taste that which will hopefully make me eat a bit more.
Hey sophie, didn't wanna read n run :) Just to say that the last couple of days i've been feeling the same. Yesterday in work especially. I did my normal staff job 8-1600hrs n struggled to get food down my neck as couldn't figure out whether i felt nauseus or not. Then i went out on duty after work and we ended up at a job meaning i couldn't get back in again to eat anything. By the time i got back i'd gone past hungry anyway.

Just managed to shove some dinner down me neck - 2 fried eggs, some haloumi cheese n a tiny amount of bacon. WI for me tomorrow too and i think i'll be having a sts. It amazes me how some weeks i'm starving and others i'm really not.
to be honest, I stopped eating meals months ago, I graze several times a day now eating such as a slice of corned beef, a peperami etc
I had periods like that during induction usually a few days at a time when I just didn't feel hungry.


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Dr Atkins said to expect to not feel hungry in his '72 book
One of the reasons that it is remarkably effective is because when you take away carbohydrates you take away hunger
page six in my paper backed edition. Lol, I should have looked it up yesterday!!
I wish I still had my '72 book. :sigh:
I couldn't do without breakfast, I wake up starving every morning, but then the last meal of my day is usually about half six. Unlike pre atkins when I'd still be eating stuff right up to going to bed.


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Well yesterday I porked out and ate quite a lot, making myself feel a bit sicky :-/

Today I had a few slices of salami when I woke up, still not hungry. Shift started at 7 so it wasn't unusual for me to not feel hungry at 5am... Then, come 10 o'clock, I was starving! Luckily I had made a yummy chicken salad for lunch so scoffed that! :-D
Then a couple of babybels in the afternoon and I'm still feeling ok now, I will be hungry in about an hour I think, ready for my tea.

Tummy is back to normal I think so far! Hooray! Now I just have to weigh myself... :-(
Another weird one today. I cooked my morning omelette, then couldn't face it, so wrapped it with my lunch time pork chops, then couldn't face them, but ate the egg. I've just forced down 2 pork chops.


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Hmm, I spoke too soon... I struggled to eat my ham salad for tea. Usually I would have something hot for tea but just didn't have the appetite for anything heavy, and then didn't manage to finish the salad.

Up at 5 again tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to have a big breakfast and a nice light lunch. If I can stomach it.

Talking of stomachs... I've stopped *ahem* doing *ahem* toilet stuff as often as I did before... sometimes it's three days until I go! It's making me feel bloated! Any tips? I'm not going to start taking laxatives. :confused:
I had that aswell! I went down the Senokot road though, oh and an Atkins bar, that got it moving :-|
LMAO Hooya.

Flaxmeal seed is the answer, and are you eating plenty of nice green veggies?


Recovering chocoholic.
I saw the DulcoEase ad' on TV (me who says she never takes heed of TV ad's!) and decided to try them & they work! However I seldom need one now.

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