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I'm not losing :(

I'm on 790 and managing pretty well but the scales haven't moved, well maybe quarter of a pound, since Wed. I know I shouldn't weigh myself - I'm addicted! My scales are accurate though and I weigh myself at the same time of day.

I've not been perfect. Maybe I need to be stricter on myself but I figured that as long as I'm on ketosis and I'm eating so few calories I can't really fail to lose weight so I suppose I bend the rules a bit with 790. I think I maybe need to go back to basics.

I've been having maybe half a chicken breast, a small bit of bacon with the fat cut off ( I know,I know but it was needing used up)green salad and tescos fat free honey and mustard dressing. I don't pick at anything else, I have my 3 packs a day too and maybe 1 or 2 black coffees. I know I don't drink enough water. I've been struggling to even get 2litres down the last few days... Could it be that? I have a strange sensation in my mouth like I've eaten too much salt...I don't use salt though.

I think I know the answer really....drink more water and don't eat the bacon...It was tasty though;). If I haven't been losing weigh cause of lack of water though will it come off eventually?

I'm still in the right frame of mind for doing this. I'm into the habit of the diet now which is half the battle for me. I'm sticking with it. It would just be easier though if I saw the scales move occasionally. By the way, Hubby has been having the same as me and the weight is falling off of him. He drinks more coffee too and has milk in it. It's not fair!! (stamping my feet now!)

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Loving the Cambridge Diet
My scales have only budged 1/4 lb in four days too - I know the feeling!

I have lost inches, though, so something is going on.

Just hang on in there!

Thanks. I am trying to drink more water. Just finding it hard to get enough down just now for some reason. It's weird though, the scales not moving, it's making me feel like I'm overeating but I'm not with such a small meal. I'll struggle on though and see if I can get a bit off before Wednesdays weigh in. Fingers crossed.
My scales have only budged 1/4 lb in four days too - I know the feeling!

I have lost inches, though, so something is going on.

Just hang on in there!

Thanks. Well lets hope that it comes off all of a sudden in the next few days. You're doing absolutely fantastic and on 790 too? I feel guilty sometimes that I'm on that, rather than SS. I should manage SS if all these other fantastic people on here can.I know I can stick to 790 though. See how it goes. If I don't start losing I'll have to try SS again.

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It might just be one of those random things. We are all different and lose weight at different rates. It could be hormonal, water retention any number of things. The thing to do is just stick with it because no matter what if you are 100% it WILL come off sooner or later


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I did SS for 8 weeks then went onto 790 due to social commitments.

Intended going back to SS but was losing so consistently on 790 that I stuck with it.

Starting Week 28 tomorrow!

I am on 5L of water a day but have added more exercise - that could be the culprit of the plateau for me - although I find that I can plateau like this for days then will drop 4/5lbs just like that.

Most days I don't have the full 790 as I don't have the milk or the yoghurt replacement, so am probably having under 600 cals.

I don't take the milk or yogurt either. I will try really hard to match your 5litres as you are certainly doing something right. I've not even had one litre yet today so I'd better get drinking!
Just wanted to say stick with it, the weight will start coming of eventually. I know how you mean about the water. my 1st week i struggled to get 2lites into me but i did some days even 2.5 this week im aiming for 3 a day! U can do it :)
becky :)
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I think you find fluctuations on most diets. I remember when I was on SS for six months solid, I never had so much as a blip but there were still weeks when I only lost 1lb - it all evened out to a stone a month though.

I'm on 790 now (just coming to the end of my 3rd week). I did a week of SS to kick start me then lost 4lb in week 1 of 790 but only 1lb in week 2. I know it's frustrating but I've told myself it's in the right direction and things will even out eventually. I know I cannot FAIL to lose weight with the amount of cals I'm consuming.

Here's something to think about ...

If you weighed 15st in Jan and 10st by December but didn't weigh yourself in between, would it matter that some weeks you lost 1lb and some weeks 3lb?

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