I'm really missing Blonde Logic


Fighting Demons....
I'm sure she's having a fabulous time!

B x


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Yep I've only been comong on here for like a week but I'm really missing her posts they're always so uplifting :). Hope she's having a fab time :) x


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Whens BL coming back does anyone know?


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November 18 th

BL is having a family holiday for Thanksgiving. She'll be back on November 18th I think. She hopes to look in on Minimins a few times from California.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Aw, bless you all - I miss you lot too!!!!

<group hugs> Thanks for this thread Lynn - how sweet - it really made my day!!

Thinking of you all, and sending all good vibes your way!!

Must go - everyone is pacing!! :D

Be well al of you!!!

Keep on rockin it - you will all be slimmer when I get home! :)~~XXX