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I'm scared


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G: 49.9kg
I am going along to see the Lighter Life person tomorrow about joining. I'm absolutely terrified...this could be yet another failed attempt to lose weight. Apparently I joined this site ages ago (obviously on yet another attempt to lose weight) but I dont even remember...:(

Anyway, I have been reading some of the amazing weight losses on here and I really think that this is the way forward for me. Ive tried pretty much everything else.....:eek::eek:

Anyway, I have about 8 stone to lose - I was always about 2 stone overweight and then put on loads in one year and I was then diagnosed with underactive thyroid. Put on thyroxine but still didn't lose weight. Was then diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and put on metformin and STILL didn't lose weight..so here I am 8 stone overweight and about to take the first step to better health hopefully

Hi :wave_cry:
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Oh you have been through the mill, but your doing the right thing joining LL. I too was terrified the nite before I joined felt like I was going for a job interview and the first 4 days were a struggle but once you get that over with its easier than you think and the feeling of getting into smaller sizes is ace. Good luck with your first day and remember everyone in your LL group are there for the same thing, I get enormous support from the ladies I joined with. Once again good luck and don't be scared you'll be glad you did it believe me.
Dont be frightened you will be in safe hands.

Good luck tomorrow.;)


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G: 49.9kg
Thank you both! Apart from the side effects I think what Im most scared of is failing again!! That and giving up alcohol....thats going to be so weird. All my socialising seems to revolve around booze. Looks like my poor abused liver is in for a treat too :)

Oh Ladylite - Id love a pair of Dubarry boots too (have you seen the lovely furry linings you can get for them?)

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
I completely understand your fear. I was terrified. Terrified of failure. Terrified of not being able to enjoy food/abuse food. JUst plain old firghtened. I did not think I could do it. BUT. I am. And my fear dissapated so quickly as it was replaced with energy, optomism, feelings of well-being, pride, confidence, increased sefl esteem, so many wonderful benefits.

If I can give only one peice of advise - where your head is in this whole process, I firmly believe is key.

You MUST approach this with the knowledge andunderstanding that this is only temporary. And that is is a mere fraction of your life. ANd that food will be there for you again, only in a healthy relationship. Make a VERY conscious acknowldgement that this is what YOU want, and that you DO deserve it, and that you CAN do it. Commit to yourself that failure is not an option. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and tell yourself these things as often as you need. At least daily to start. Sounds daft to some maybe, but I am convinced it works and has a huge impact on your will and committment.

If your head is firmly wrapped around this, void of any doubt - you will SOAR through it.

100 days have gone SO fast, and I am 1 stone away from being half way through. That is such a short time. It is sooooooo worth the small, tiney, teensy saccrifice.

Wishing you much success and lots of joy along the way.


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once you have your first weigh in all your scared feelings will turn to excitement!
stick with it :D xxxxxxx
I agree totally with what BL has said and would also like to add that if you keep reminding yourself that doing this is your choice then it starts to feel easier.

Whenever I think about food, I remind myself that I could eat it if I choose, but I also think about how I would feel afterwards and how much I want to be slim.
The realisation that I didn't want to cheat on LL because the only person I'm cheating is myself was huge. I have cheated on every diet I have ever done before and then given up and I haven't with LL.

Good luck for tomorrow and on your journey. :D
Go for it what have you got to loose. I started last week and it is much easier than I thought. I like food, all food, and was dreading the shakes etc, but they are nice, i was so surprised and relieved. On my drop in weigh in I was told in 2.5 days I'd lost 8Lbss and I wasn't hungry!! If that isn't motivating I don't know what is. Ok my breath is smelly and I am peeing for Britain, but I feel so much better than I did eating the junk and drinking the wine every night. Good Luck!


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I was also really scared when I started .... scared of failing, scared of gaining more, scared of being the biggest there, scared of what I might be asked ---- and yet it was the best thing I ever did going to meet my LLC and joining that group. Seriously, my life has improved thousandfold simply because I feel better about me - and that's worth more than anything.

So though you might be scared do make sure you go along - you'll soon see your fears are unfounded and will hopefully be happy you've joined.

Wish you the very best of luck xx


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G: 49.9kg
Well I went along and was NOT DIS-HEARTENED but was very disappointed. I walked in (I really hope the person isn't reading this......)and a woman opened the door who clearly had a lot of weight to lose - I didn't think anything of it, I just assumed that she was there for the introduction same as me - but she was the councillor.....? She asked me to fill in a form (2 other people both came - both were non-english speaking? one had his wife so she could translate but she had a screaming baby!)

I filled in the form and listed the medication I'm on and she weighed me. Did the same with the other 2 people and then put a DVD on and left the room.... she came back about 20 mins later when the DVD had ended, asked if we had any questions, then said "as none of you are on medication you shouldn't have a problem getting this form signed by your GP - come back next week at blah blah time"

and that was it!! I am on 3 different lots of medication so she obviously didn't read my form and I left feeling completely gutted. I didn't sleep last night because I was so hyped up about today.:break_diet:

ANYWAY - I'm not letting this put me off. I have read so many positive stories on this site that I'm determined to suceed. However, I have realised the importance of building a good relationship with the councillor so I'm going to see the other 2 that are local to me and hopefully I'll feel more comfortable with one of those.

Is it normal for your councillor to have (what looked like) a huge amount of weight to lose? I thought they had all suceeded on the programme.....?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
I have heard that some are heavy Twinny. As for mine, she has never had a weight problem, but she is a psychologist that specialises in eating disorders, so its a real bonus to learn how to be "normal" from someone that is "normal" - but that doesn't mean a heavy one cannot be as effective.

But - I think you are wise to have a look around - that she didn't notice the medication issues would be a concern....so definately try the other 2 and see if they are a better match.

I am rather surprised too, that they let the wife in to translate - as that breached the "code of confidentiality", etc. I would find that a bit odd myself.

Let us know what you find with the others.....and glad you are not dis-heartened. It does work - and you will find a way to make it work and for it to be right for you.


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G: 49.9kg
I am going to see another councillor on Friday now. She said that the group were on week 2 but if I didn't mind then I could go along. I just really want to get started now........hopefully Saturday will be day 1 for me
Oh Ladylite - Id love a pair of Dubarry boots too (have you seen the lovely furry linings you can get for them?)
Yep I have seen them they are stunning arent they. My friend has a pair and she says they are so warm. Next year will have a pair too, bit late for this year, hopefully if we ever do get a summer.

Hows it going are you OK.


Striving for slimness
My councillor has also never had a weight problem but she's good at what she does. I think you made a good decision to maybe try another councillor Twinny. A good councillor is an absolute godsend on this diet, but if you relly want it, want this to be the time you lose the weight, you'll do it! Honestly this will be the easiest diet you'll ever do, cos there's no thinking about what food to have. Good luck with your other councillor (but just thinking, my first meeting went about the same except I was the only person there) when you meet your group and they're doing it with you, you'll feel 100% better. Let us know how you're doing and Good luck!!! x


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G: 49.9kg
I am just eating like an absolute PIG at the moment.....I keep thinkng "will be ages before I can have this / that again" This just proves to me that I really need to get started as soon as possible. My head and attitude towards food is all wrong.

Thank you all for your friendly and supportive replies....I'll let you know how I get on on Friday if thats OK? I have a feeling that this will be a long and difficult journey for me. It helps to know you are all there if you know what I mean.
Hi Twinny,
I'm sorry to but in as I'm CD not LL but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter ...

I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck and send you a truck load of the good stuff for tomorrow and the new LLC...

Come back here and you will be fine. Everybody is great on these boards and it really helps.

take care hun



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"..... am just eating like an absolute PIG at the moment.....I keep thinkng "will be ages before I can have this / that again"....."

All it proves, Twinny, is that you are exactly the same as the rest of us:D.

I have to agree with Blonde Logic though. The counsellor you visited does not inspire confidence if she did not read your form. Also, if there is to be a 'translator' present, the counsellor should first of all clear this with all the other participants. At your first proper meeting, the first thing you should all talk about is the 'rules' you'll all abide by for the 12 week course.

You are lucky to have a couple of other counsellors to choose from. You will know when you find the right one.

I was so lucky to find a fab, responsible, and kind counsellor, who are totally professional in her appoach. Reading other peoples' posts on Minis has shown me that this is not always so for them.

LL is both very easy and very difficult to do. It is a huge financial committment for the participant, therefore it is vitally important that you find the right counsellor.

I wish you the best of luck. You are already lucky enough to have found a great support network her at Minis. Use us for advice and help whenever necessary.



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G: 49.9kg
I had my first meeting last night and it was GREAT :D

Im just gutted that I missed the first one. I had my first shake this morning and really enjoyed it (apart from the lumps....) I need to learn how to mix it properly. How much water are you supposed to put in the soup / shakes? Obviously that was something I missed in week one. That and something to do with a lemon? No idea what that's all about but Ive got a lemon fridge magnet in with my foodpacks YAY!

I think I'll have to get up at 5am and go to bed at 2am to be able to fit all that water in though but I'm sure it will get easier....:tear_drop:

:thankyou: Thank you everybody for your comments... :thankyou:


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It is great to hear from you Twinny.

".....I need to learn how to mix it properly. How much water are you supposed to put in the soup / shakes?....."

I usually put in enough to fill a standard mug. Some people prefer it with more, some with less. It is a matter of trying out different amounts to find the one that suits.

You can have the sweet shakes hot or cold. Invest in one of those hand held mixers, you can get them from Tescos for about a fiver. They do the job really quickly and effectively.

".....I think I'll have to get up at 5am and go to bed at 2am to be able to fit all that water in though but I'm sure it will get easier....:tear_drop:"

It does. Over time your bladder will increase in size to accommodate the extra water. Try having a glass of water every hour. Over the whole day it should be easier to get your four litres in.

Good luck for your first full day.



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